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      private servers

    Should be any customization whatsoever. I don't think private servers should be connected to GI at all, its silly, farmers just play all day on a priv server lol
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    Hello Xera Community

    Hi guys, I'm Bonecake, and im a alcho.. just kidding Quick background, 19 years old from New Zealand, FPS player since i was 4 years old (CS, HaloCE, Far cry etc) Played alot of RTS, and every survival / looter / zombie game under the sun. They are my forte. Most likely will be creating an OCE clan pretty early, even if there is no system in place quite yet, but that's just a rumor I've heard. Mainly just hoping to connect with other mature, tactical players with strong backgrounds in various fps / survival games (DayZ/WarZ/Arma/PUBG etc etc) But of course not limited to only these games. Of course will be great to just butt heads with other likeminded people. Hope everyone is doing well, and i hope to see you on the battlefield tomorrow!! Also will be streaming 24 hours from release over @ https://twitch.tv/ksbigcookie (NAME WILL CHANGE SOON!) and giving away a Xera: Survival key sometime in the stream, so really appreciate anyone that drops in and says hey! EDIT: Have to throw in, I'm very impressed by the development so far & have very high hopes for this game, and want to wish Spotted Kiwi Interactive the best of luck with this & I'll do anything I'm able to support the growth & further development of this game. Thankyou for reviving the genre