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  1. No thanks, I don't like low loot and I don't like wipes. Loot farming is literally the least enjoyable activity in games like this. PVP is fun.
  2. I'm fine with using purchased assets, programming, sounds, etc. That means less $$ and labor spent on basic things, so they can spend that time and money on FUN things. Like the new events that just came out. It costs labor and money to produce those. PUBG used tons of Unreal Store purchased assets. Never bothered me one bit.
  3. If you see a good Reputation System it will be a lot more like what you're asking for. Some people will be good reputation, some people will be bad reputation. You'll get those 4v4 fights. Right now it's just KOS everyone you see, which EVERY game did before this, and is super boring. I'd like some interesting interactions and situations that DO NOT generally happen in other survival games. A GOOD FUNCTIONAL reputation system would allow all of this to happen: Maybe your friends aren't online today..............so you go team up with a couple of people "in your faction" in the safezone.........knowing there's a 95% chance they WILL NOT shoot you. Maybe you see one guy from your faction getting mobbed or chased by the enemy faction. Your team swoops in, kills all the enemies, and now you've made a new friend! Maybe someone schedules a PVP EVENT! Everyone gets in one server, and both factions have a HUGE battle in Redsville. Your team can strategize and say "hey we're going to keep this spot here to rally, then move out as teams along these lines". That would be VERY FUN!
  4. I'm definitely interested, not giving up yet Also Equal Loot in low and high pop, thanks.....lol I want to rent a server eventually!
  5. Can you let them know that's the one reason we're not playing right now? The number of people playing has gone down significantly starting with the exact date of the loot nerf. That's not a coincidence. Just revert it totally. Nobody complained about "too much loot" in low pops. There's no reason for the nerf. Also what's max loot? There seems to be several different opinions in the forums.
  6. Sweet, thanks for the heads up man
  7. Thanks for the update. Do you have some post where it shows low pop and high pop loot are 100% the same now? Not counting snipers, aks, etc. Just MP5, Armor, ARs, Helmets, etc.
  8. The low pop loot nerf killed it for me and my friends. Maybe if they revert it we'll be back. Looting is boring. PVP is fun. Loot nerf means MORE boring and LESS fun.
  9. I agree. FYI they super nerfed the loot on low pop servers. So people go to high pop to PVP, then when they rotate back to low pop to loot....................there's very little loot there unless you're going to Military or Airfield. So everyone in low pop goes there, you get killed more, have to farm longer, it gets boring. Since the loot nerf I haven't played much. My friends haven't suggested we play Xera either (and 3 others own it). This past week is the first week I have played ZERO hours of Xera. They need to revert the loot nerf. Normal loot on both high pop and low pop. They can make some of the rare guns more available on high pop. That would get me and my friends playing again. p.s. I'm still mystified as to why the devs are watching this HUGE player base loss............and the only real negative change to the game was the low pop loot nerf. Change it back before you lose everyone please
  10. No thanks. I did a lot of work to get what I have. I have zero snipers or honey badgers. But I do have an AK, a few SCARs, a few G36s. If I show up and all of my inventory gone, that's going to be a STRONG incentive for me to uninstall Xera. There's no reason a game like this needs wipes. Games like Rust must have wipes because of the crazy server lag building mechanics.
  11. If they do the Reputation System right, you'll see a BIG change in how the PVP works. If you see people with your reputation, you'll be able to safely ignore them or group up with them. If people of your faction get in a fight you can go back them up. It'll mean a lot more battles instead of 1v4 matches.
  12. If they wipe every 2-3 months I won't be back. I have yet to get even 1 honey badger or sniper. If I did finally get one, and one random day I show up to an empty inventory..............uninstall time. Other games like Rust wipe because they can't handle the obscene base building mechanics. They don't need periodic wipes in Xera.
  13. Yes, if you go loot low pops at Military or Airfield, you can get decent loot. But now EVERYONE in low pop goes there because low pop loot sucks. So you get ganked more (because you can't be 100% focused on defense when you loot). You take less loot home, so you're left doing more and more boring looting. Removing servers won't fix it. The population is bored and leaving. PVP is fun. Looting is boring. Adding private servers NOW won't fix it. Our group is not going to BUY a private server where you can only reasonably loot Military and Airfield. 2 people can farm Airfield efficiently (meaning enough loot not to slow the process) and 1 can farm Military Base efficiently. There's nowhere left on the map for a 4th, 5th, 6th person. So what do you do? Tell those people to go pack sand (when they paid for the private server too) or set up some kindergarten (ok, billy gets to loot for 1 hour, then you get to loot for 1 hour)? They need to remove the loot nerf before the population completely bottoms out. Every customer they lose is one that may NOT come back even after they fix it.
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