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  1. How would you like to earn currency? First, I would like currency to be its own "digital system" not an actual weighted object in the game. Not something I have to make space for. I think money should be earned from killing bots, opening supply drops, killing players, selling items to traders. Also I think currency should not be lost on death. You already lose gear and xp and levels. Currency should be the one safe thing we have along with G.I What items would you like to see from traders? All Items. What is your vision for how traders would work? Traders only selling what players sell them. Every item has a set price, players sell to the traders, traders add it to their "stock" other players buy from that stock. If no one sells to the trader, then no one can buy from them. Farmers get their money for selling and resupplying traders and PVP's get to buy items instantly depending on the trader market. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? Have a regular trader that everyone buys and sells to in each safe area. I think limited traders are a good idea, with shifting inventory. It would be cool if you could only buy certain items from them, they wouldn't accept anything you're selling and they were i different locations at different times.
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