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  1. No to name tags or make it an option u can turn on or off i prefer arrows the rest seems good
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    Hey, i have been playing Warz Shattered Skies Aftermath Rust Dayz Scum and manny more survival games.. I am quite sure if you played Warz or Shattered skies u probably have seen me If they introduce clans i will make LMNTRIX again. Apart from that survival part My name is Bryan 25 years old. IT system administrator Well that’s me i hope to see allot of familiar faces.
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    Yes shields maximum carry limit no put down time makes it useless can be destroyed very fast 4-7 bullits this way u have a lil counter play vs 3rd person corner huggers and it will not be op or annoying Just be nice for the more agro player
  4. Event with a bounty system players with allot of kills in the period of the event without dying will be marked on the map and if you kill them u get the bounty equal to their thread level. Ofc if you have a bounty u get bonus rewards for each kill It does not show real time but updates every 10-20 seconds Like i posted on the map topic a Reactor would be nice or something simular like a capture area and then loot drop. Some small events and 1 big event with better loot every 2-3 hours. Next to air drops a helicopter crash that’s more rare with much loot. Or maybe space ship to be in theme maybe some AI guarding it That’s it for now
  5. Hey, i think it’s okay that u can farm on the private servers it’s a good way to make money for the company. That way u can not make it P2W with cash shop and make that just cosmetics. Either way private servers should be modable with events and such ofc those will not be in the GI Official event servers with maybe some extra fun events to gain loot.
  6. I was never really a fan of the + and - value’s for rating. i do think if you press P its nice to see a rank like Outlaw if you reach a certain rating. i think keeping it simple is good i think if you die u should lose points if you kill u should gain points if you get killed by a high rank and your low rank u should not lose much If your high rank and you die to a low rank u should lose more. Make it scale like that a you’d have a great basis for rating i’d say rewards only cosmetics a revive would be nice only out of combat after a certain time period Or maybe like FN the buss where u can revive team mates so every location has a revive point this is possible in combat that be a cool strategy point i think. With cooldown on party and limits ofc
  7. @Gooba i Totally agree with your post it would be awesome too see some of the Shattered skies events in the game. Please add the reactor with an event it was fun. just a capture mode and then u get lootboxes with highest tier gear everyone on your party 1 Maybe u could update the Roadblocks to something simular maybe if u introduce clans u could capture the area / building on the road and your bannner would appear and u would get an buf for a specific area like more exp more money better loot out crates