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  1. ahahah nah not really man, so what matter having Safe Zone? Our Loot must have Value to be saved, if you can find everything so fast and easily so you wont save anything on Safe Zone. Loot must be rare to find, some items more rare than others. Some pistols - common to find Rifles - Rare Snipers - Very rare etc...
  2. More players per server and map need to be bigger with more cities etc... I hope they increase the size of the map
  3. Nice , and map should be bigger with more cities and more variety of Loot
  4. Put loot rare to find and some items more rare than others, to make our loot valuable. and dont forget to add more variety of loot
  5. well, not at all man, if you see a Bandit and you are Thug/outlaw or something like that you wont have any interest in kill that guy if you want to be bad guy it depends of the point of view
  6. I think Size of the map should be increased One part of the map should have Snow Make lootable Builds with 3rd Floor at maximum LOOT Add more variety of loot Snipers Add Awm Magnum Add Blaser r93 Mauser SP66 SVD Add M107 Light Pistols Add Flares Add flare gun Add Nail Gun Assault Rifles Add Imi-tar 21 Add Mossberg 590 (shotgun) Add Sig Sauer 556 Add Crosbow Add M4A1 Add M-16 Melee Add Knife Add PitchFork Add Hatchet Add Machete Add Shovel Add Picaxe Vehicles Add a car with 2-3 slots even Quad bike should carry 2 players Day/night Night should take a little bit more time until to stay day again and put night more dark to make night visions more useful Reputation System I saw you are working on it and still well So i posted an photo about reputation i hope you like it, i know you dont need to do exactly the same but you can pick some ideas. So reputation system should have the Good people and Bad people and when you aim your mouse to someone should appear a symbol near the name of the player to tell you if those guys are good or bad. I think that´s all for now ATTENTION: I know this are items and names from WarZ, but that game is closed since a few years, and now who have the rights of that game are NewZ devs, so you dont need to do exactly the same as i said, but you can take some ideas
  7. Increase the size of the map and add more cities for loot
  8. I just found this game on Twitch by Summit1g streamer, and i just bought it because old memories and im loving so much the game
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