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  1. Nice name, lol. Initially, I felt that the loot was just fine, but it seems that I am I'm in the minority. I'm happy to explore moving the slider back and forth until the majority of the player base is content.
  2. Trust me, Air, my posts haven't been a slight against you, just more of an unstructured opinion opening subjectivity. Players of your preferred play style (absolutely nothing wrong with it, and not you directly) never seem to be satisfied in the long run. As more items are introduced to the loot table, variable chance is reduced, meaning less of a chance of a particular item, and more of another. That is the case with static spawns which may share types such as ammo, meds, etc. So when 4 or 5 new guns are added, and a few more random items, the running average is potentially reduced. My point being, Josh adjusted the minimum to 1500 items, which will apply to the low pop and private servers, but eventually when you're not getting the items that the high pop players are looting, you're going to insist it be raised to keep up with what they may have. That will continue to compound. Loot numbers need to be a set point, not a dynamic variable of quantity that is exponentially increased anytime a variable is introduced. You often mention that looting is boring, and you prefer a ratio of ~10 minutes of looting to an hour of PVP, this indicates what I just mentioned. That isn't a sustainable play-style unless you have NewZ loot quantities. So it illustrates that you're not really going to be happy until that threshold is breached. Again, Air, I completely value your opinion. I believe that we need to hear opinions and play styles of all kinds of players and based on that, find a proper balance. An echo chamber really doesn't contribute to longevity. Even if I disagree with your position, i will always respect it and be receptive.
  3. You keep referring to players who have good gear as "no lifers", yet you find time to invest hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into multiple games. Even if that is over the course of a few years, that is quite a bit. Come on, you walked into that one, dude. LOL.
  4. The current map, as its stands, really can't be expanded. The POI spacing looks to be specific for that grid size. If you expand, you'll have to move the POI's around. At that point, its going to be a different map anyway. Otherwise, you'll just have a very dense cluster (the current map) in the middle of the new map. Redville would essentially be a city within a city. As for the additional servers, I do agree. The server pop is stabilizing a bit, which is very typical of EA, but there are only 5 or 6 high populated servers during the week, and dividing that even more may reduce interaction. Either way, I'll still play, but just an observation.
  5. I was on the fence about that one too.
  6. You're explaining the risk of getting killed while trying to loot while also explaining that you don't have time to PVP. You're getting shot at trying to loot. Defend yourself with what you've found (which trials have shown is ample). There is the PVP. It's not just gearing up and running to the POI. I realize that you won't rent a server (you've mentioned it a few times), but trying to carrot the additional revenue they'll get if you get your way probably won't work. This game started as a passion project and motivated ONE guy to learn to code and model just to launch a game he loves. That doesn't sounds financially driven studio. Sure, revenue keeps the lights on, but that can come from game sales and cosmetics, and they've probably got a good nest egg. I feel like he's giving us the option of private servers for convenience, not as a part of the business model.
  7. Trust me, Air, I'm not trying to be a prick, but the game you're describing is exactly what NewZ was created for...players who love WarZ and didnt want to grind. That, and the anti-cheat is top notch. That game has a solid playerbase, Xera will too. No need to blend the two games' playstyles together.
  8. The game you are describing is NewZ. Same WarZ game with lots of loot.
  9. how do you control the config changes, though? Lets say someone disables AI, fill their character back to weight capacity with juicy loot, then reverts back to standard settings. Are they now back on the network?
  10. 1. City Events - I fully realize that we currently have something similar with bunker events and event drops, but one thing Aftermath did really well with the PVP was having city liberations. These events were prompted by completing a task and eliminating a set number of AI. For the next hour drops would spawn and you had to defend what was yours. This brought some of the most fun PVP in my opinion. 2. Random spawn locations - These would essentially be treasure hunts that would yield a nice reward. These would more than likely be spawn points out in the sticks. Maybe a tree has an off chance at spawning a weapons laying against it? Surprise loot. 3. Marketplace - The ability to sell what you don't want back to the market for in game currency. Ideally, the ingame market would be for items such as low tier meds and ammo only. We don't want to completely remove the aspect of looting for the good stuff. This would be subject to inflation and deflation to avoid people getting rich selling Glocks. 4. Transferable cosmetics - If you roll a rare skin, have the ability to trade it. Thus, brings me to my next suggestion. 5. Trade Prompt - Standard trade window where you'll both agree. No more "you drop first". 6. Radio transmissions giving you an update about PVP - Since we're already getting lots of updates regarding the drops, how about when a city is alive? "mass casualties reported in Riverdale" or something along the lines. Let us know where the action is happening. 7. Call for an evac - This would obviously be an ultra-ultra rare item. basically toss a smoke grenade to mark a spot, the chopper picks you up and takes you to the SZ. These are just a few off of the cuff, and I realize that some of these are probably already in the roadmap.
  11. Don't quote me on this, but I believe Yoshi mentioned that users who lock their servers will be forced to use a separate GI.
  12. You're also looking at a false equivalence. Those mods brought content in the form of weapons and base building. Content brings players.
  13. See #1 as to why they never came back. Under-delivered. SCUM hasn't had any pertinent updates since then, plus, other games have come out in a similar genre. Why would they come back? Can you provide any verifiable data to enforce that ratio? That seems arbitrary.
  14. The SCUM decline was a product of two issues. 1. it was over-hyped and undelivered. 2. It's playerbase went back to school in September of '18 DayZ mod did not have very high loot at all, by the way. You're probably thinking of Epoch or Overpoch.
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