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  1. You are right they should do less damage to people..
  2. So if Private servers will get tied to the Main Server/Loot you will be abusing the Private Server to farm you like 100x Snipers or other stuff with your Clan. I think thats not a good idea considering a lot of people will do that and they will not care if they die and lose all their loot on the Main Server. So think about that it will ruin a lot of fun for others if you are raiding a main server with your Clan, full equipped and no one has a chance, or at least it will get fucking hard for them. Just go for Main Servers and everything is fine. No abusive Admins, no Server closing etc.. With all the other points I agree, good ideas. PS. Maybe turn the rain rate a bit down or make it at least less noisy. I actually can't hear my other Teammates in TS/Discord when it's raining. 😤 Nice game, makes fun to play and runs like a Pablo Escobar on Cocaine, good job guys!
  3. Hey guys Im wondering if you can open the big Bunker door with C4? Has someone tried it already? thanks!
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