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  1. Not sure where to ask but I would love to find a decent team to play with. I'm 23 played WarZ/Infestation/NewZ and searching for active Gaming Community/ Clan or just some People to play with. Language: Englisch/German Serverregion: EU and NAE Greets Semper
  2. I'm interested... What server region are you playing on?
  3. Hi I just played a couple hours but I had lots of hours in WarZ / NewZ ... So I might have some good inputs. Anyway thanks for this amazing work!! to adjust: - Some fences seem to be low but doesnt allow you to jump over it. - Using the Quad is kinda buggy - Missing the ability to sort your inventory in your backpack - seeing Team-members on the maps - disable friendly Fire. The reason why is because its a game that makes much more fun in a team. Therefore to increase the fun of the average player that doesnt have a community or friends playing it, Xera should make it as easy as possible to let people find teammates and fight together without having the problem of getting betrayed. This will lead to a biggest playerbase (in my opinion). - Not sure what it is or if I just have to adapt to it but sometimes automatic firemode seems kinda bad, I dont know how i can explain that sry. - Shields: I kinda what it I kinda dont. Its a good thing against campers but It has a huge impact overall. If they will be implemented they should weight a lot so its not possible to carry to many and we get a shield-overload. - For the Dicord I would recommend Region named Groupchats. Otherwise I'm sure that I'm about to find other Issues or missing features but all in all I already love the game. Keep doing what you already do Greets Semper
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