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    Suggestions After 100 Hours Played

    For sure, you actually can hide text chat, but 100% the N word and other racial slurs should be black listed or give people the ability to mute others. Loot should still be reverted regardless of the last 2 options or atleast buffed for lower pop servers. I think other things take priority atm, but buffing body armor and adding armor pentration values to ammo types should be looked into. Like I said a lot of people myself included run around with mp5s because they are cheap and easy to replace and do a lot of damage. Out dpsing most weapons in close range fights and if your good, medium range.
  2. Wow, so let me start off by saying a huge congratulations on the success of the game to Joshua, Wargr, IcedYoshi, Backyback, LordInquisitor, and anyone else who has taken part in making the game what it is right now. I am loving this game and I am excited for the future of it. Now, after playing for over 100+ hours getting to around 800 SR, 300+ kills, and over 40,000 experience, I have come up with a list of things that I think would greatly benefit the overall game and people's experience. Suggestions Make the chevrons above group members heads unique to the person (For example, you have the group member list on the left, maybe change the user picture left of their name to be the color of their chevron making group gameplay a lot less hectic at times). Make compound events harder. Currently all you need to complete a compound event is a glock with 100ish bullets or so. The reward for these events is 2 Supply Crates. This seems way too easy for the potential at such great rewards. I think that a white robot being added might be a little much, but explosive robots for sure should be added. Just something to make these compound events harder than what they currently are. Night vision needs to be more viable/Night time darker. Currently I feel like there is only a few minutes of playtime where night vision actually provides benefits as opposed to normal vision. Not to mention if fog comes which is about 90% of the time it feels, night vision is completely useless. I would love for night time to be darker and fog to be less of a pain. Change the drop table of the white robot. I personally do not think 10x grenades and 9mm ammo drops on the white robot loot table belong whatsoever. Especially with how clunky grenade throwing is atm, they are barely viable as it is. Add armor penetration damage modifiers to weapon ammo types. I AM NOT SAYING ADD ARMOR PEN ROUNDS LIKE SHATTERED SKIES, I am saying make the different types of ammo (7.62, 5.56, 9mm, etc.) have natural armor penetration damage modifiers. When people are opting to use a MP5 over a rifle for fighting in a lot of circumstances and the speed at which someone dies to a MP5 shooting 9mm against a heavy vest/ ZSH-V helmet is WAY too fast for that common of a weapon versus that rare of armor types. Add blacklisted words(racial slurs) to chat. A lot of people just drop racial slurs in chat left and right. I feel like the report option definitely works, but I feel like it would make things a lot easier/instant if there was some blacklist where you could atleast stop some of the racial slurs being spammed in text chat. Rework Drones. Currently drones are way too easy to make and are extremely strong especially when a group of 4 can spam drones and essentially wipe your whole team. Make them not explosive for the basic drones. If you want to make them explosive, require the addition of either C4 or a mixture of a grenade/explosive chems. If you use C4, maybe increase the spawn rate on metal scrap or make metal pipes scrapable and return metal scrap for them. Revert Loot Changes For Low Pop. Trust me I am all for PvP and I well know that people who play on 25-35 man server don't play to pve/loot, most people that are playing pve or looting join lower populated servers. This really sucks for people who are just trying to loot/level. They are essentially wasting a lot of their time having to farm THAT much harder just to get similar loot as a 25-35 man server. Add some type of npc given mission system. Rewards could range from xp to weapon box essentially containing a similar loot table to 1 supply drop. Add some type of big PvEvP event. Similar to how the reactor was in Shattered Skies, make some huge PvPvE event that offers maybe the same loot as supply drops minus the glock/ump/mp5 loot drops. I probably have more suggestions but cannot think of them currently. Here is what I have thought of over the past 100 hours. Hopefully you guys agree, if not, quote the parts you disagree below and I would love to hear your opinions
  3. Xera Survival Weapon Damage Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11B_TMQRBuISA_Abbx0qi9b-3LSL_L1M5PSF-fMR7fys/edit?usp=sharing