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  1. Yeah I get that. And I get that they are trying a different direction with this game. I guess my post was more of the wishful thinking department. I was trying to think of what made WarZ/ISS/"enter favorite EMU here" really great and being able to quickly rejoin the battle was one of them IMO.
  2. If you think we need shields in this game then watch this twitch video. Not a bad watch regardless @Dravor was/is a god at this game. did I just see the name @DravenGoesHam show up in the search? He knows what I'm talking about.
  3. There are ATVs. I know where two are. One is at bunker and the other is down in the farming area I'm front of a house.
  4. Some of my fondest memories of WarZ, ISS, input favorite emu here. Were the constant battles for an area they were so much fun. It’s difficult to replicate this in this game because of the loading system. In games prior you could load out your character after death getting you right back into the action. It was great for solo play especially when going up against a team. You fight. You lose. They take your gear. But you could gear up in the menu and lod back in to have another go at them. Not being able to pre load a character and having to go to a safe zone load up and spend 20 minutes running to where the fight is just isn't as much fun IMO. Has there been any consideration to this? Does anyone agree with me?
  5. I say who cares about looting. Just give us guns and let us all kill each other. Enough running around already! lol
  6. I had one jump at me and he went so high in the air I couldn't believe it. I mean I had to look all the way up to see him. Then when he landed he just walked away like he never saw me. Blew my mind.
  7. Currently 3rd person is so accurate. I don't see why anyone would ever play 1st person at the moment with how many advantages 3rd person has over it. Sites are pointless. I agree that 1st person ONLY would be ideal. Looking forward to 1st person servers for sure. As soon as pubg added first person it's the only way I played. Like guy above said everyone knows the pros and cons.
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