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  1. You are literally one of the only people complaining about it, and are doing so every 30 minutes
  2. If you spent half the time looting that you spend on these forums complaining you would have the best inventory in the game.
  3. Basically you are saying working for things suck. I like being given everything!
  4. According to you that is what is fun and what isn't fun. This game isn't overwatch or call of duty, this is a SURVIVAL game. Looting is part of surviving.
  5. Drop the gun to remove the ammo
  6. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Graphical Describe the issue as best you can: When using auto run, if you hit shift to sprint your cross-hair will disappear. Once you stop auto running the cross-hair will be missing until you right click to aim in. Location bug happened: Everywhere on map Screenshot / Video of the issue:
  7. That is the only way that I know as of now. But saying that, there could be other ways
  8. The snipers have a chance of dropping in the air drops with 5+ people being in the server
  9. Crimson was shooting people in the safe zone trying to figure out why he couldn't kill them
  10. Really good ideas here, one thing I noticed is that decent weapon loot is extremely common. I don't know if this is to help with game testing or if it will be how the final game is. Because it could turn it from a survival game into a straight kos survival very quickly.
  11. It seems all of the chain link fencing in the game has a glitch where you can only shoot through one direction. I included two pictures showing which way you can shoot through and which way you will not be able to shoot through. Edit: This happens on all of the chain fencing like this on the map I have encountered so far. Edit 2: I don't know if this will help, but it seems one side of the fence during bullet collision is "blocking" bullets whereas the other side is "ignoring" bullets. Edit 3: It looks like the base of the fence may be one of the factors involved in the bug. Added more photos
  12. The fences in the game surrounded certain areas only allow for one way shooting. For example if the top of the fence is pointed towards you, you can shoot through but people on the other side will not be able.
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