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    Early Access - Development Blog #1

    Thanks for the being in communication with the players which in my opinion is the key to provide a healthy future to come. Having said this, I've played the first 2-3 weeks and I left due to work but I kept an eye on the discord and reading the announcements and patch notes on my phone and it's going good. Yes, there's no players at all maybe but I believe it's a phase every indie game goes through and I strongly believe in the official release of the "final" version of the game, I really think it will attract a lot more players. I've seen good feedback and a lot of interest when popular streamers were trying it out and I think the game will get lots of attention when out of the EA. I will be returning soon to my home and I'll definitely spend some good times on XERA. As to what I would like to see next: Moderated weekly PvP events to gather the community around. Pick a city, get rid of robots and let people kill each other. Last to survive wins skins or weapons. The player with the most wins/points gets a special reward. But hey, that's just my point of view, maybe no one likes this type of events or maybe it was already suggested. Could also be great for group PvP. In my experience, leaderboards don't really work the way you're thinking. To be at the top, you must stay at the top and that means you have to be active. Good players that enjoy the game and play leaderboards don't ever stop playing usually and at some point they don't care about the skill rating points going up or down. It's like new people starting inthe game, they find weapons and they stash it all and make a huge GIs and get mad when they lose items... but after a while you just don't care about items because that messes your confidence in fights, IMHO and from my own experience in a very similar game. So there's not much to worry about the leaderboards as people will grind for the top and eventually an inactive player will go down in the leaderboards.
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    Currency System Ideas - Voice your opinions!

    I don't have much time but I'll quickly reply on how I would like to gain currency: Quest-like NPCs: bring me 10 Glock and you'll get X item - Maybe a tier kind of thing depending on character level, the more level, the more difficult the quest but a good reward as well. Kill X amount of players in the next X minutes/hours and get X amount of currency Kill X amount of robots in the next X minutes/hours and get X amount of currency Complete X amount of events and get X amount of currency and so on..
  3. You can mute voice chat by pressing ATL+M
  4. UI / Options menu PRIORITY: Healing text pop-up with “close” button when healing at full hp or healing on cooldown needs to be just text with no “close” button Add hotkeys for more meds Add hotkey for Med Kit placement Multiple hotkey assigns i.e. 2 keys for 1 action – Jump spacebar + mouse wheel “Stash all” GI button Rename servers name to 001-0xx – i.e. NA East and West mix up after the number 10 PRIORITY: Move Compass in the top-center of the screen – really needed for quick comms Move Health bar bottom-center of the screen Re-organize/Add features to Options menu and categorize: Video Settings – Gameplay – UI – Bindings, etc. Add better crosshairs or the ability to customize them even further – dynamic crosshairs, translucency adjustment maybe? Show PING in ms instead of the little bars. People don't know/want to /ping – this should be shown at all times no matter what as well as the FPS. You don't show FPS with little bars, right? Show ping to servers while browsing servers Add hotkey to move med to quick slot like middle mouse button instead of dragging OR automatically move meds to quick slot when other med runs out and make it by rarity i.e. if you run out of First Aid and you have Bandage and Gauze, prioritize Bandage over Gauze. Add option to toggle/hold ADS Movement PRIORITY: Fix healing animation messing up with the gun Decrease jump animation, looks like character jumping on the moon Increase jump height a little bit as many places that should be reachable to the eye aren’t Decrease ADS zoom, feels like way too zoomed in on the character Being able to ADS while jumping? – While shooting while jumping should have a penalty I still would like to see my weapon is performing the ADS animation Inventory Decrease size of items in inventory so there’s no need to scroll down Allow user to arrange the inventory Rework Proximity Loot – Not refreshing / detecting items being around/looted quick enough Rework Proximity Loot – Make it like PUBG on the left side vertical not bottom horizontal, it’s hard to find what you really want to pick, specially meds and rare guns so maybe prioritize items based on rarity then meds, etc. Sound Decrease ATV sound for driver – is so loud I keep messing up my windows sound and can’t hear teammates on Discord Rework ATV area sound – being able to hear someone driving an ATV close to you Fix sound when losing HP due to food or water, too loud and maybe make it sound like the character is hungry or thirsty instead of sounding like getting shot so you can tell what’s going on with you Increase footstep sounds when crouching – crouching seems to be too OP, maybe a 50% decrease instead of no sound? Spawn Disconnecting in Safe Zone should save location so you spawn at SZ again Disconnecting in the same place as your group should spawn you in the same place or very close to them Add more character spawn locations Fix character spawn locations to make them closer or more real to where they disconnected last time Misc Fix attachments that don’t stay attached after disconnecting but showing in Inventory they are Show teammate position on the map Decrease some items weight Helicopter is slow and pathways are a bit weird sometimes Fix bug when Helicopter leaves the Landing Zone and players gear shows at the LZ Fix bug when Helicopter leaves the LZ and group mark is still at the LZ instead of at Helicopter Fix ATV compass not updating position – it shows last position before hop on atm Increase NEARBY respawn to 45 seconds minimum – this will allow solo players/groups that eliminate other groups to be able to loot and get out of there and prevent annoying infinite retakes Decrease cooldown for compound events a little bit to prevent hopping servers as often as it is now and help people get more exp Decrease AR / SMG’s spawn rate a little bit – balance Increase mil grade meds spawn rate – balance Add Barricades i.e. Riot/Wooden Shields to the game to push people behind cover advantage or to defend yourself when caught out in the open with no cover Fix/rework grenades – atm they’re very weird, one even exploded immediately after thrown after several grenade throws when in combat Rework Exploding Robot AoE and model Rework Super Robot model Increase ATV spawns, maybe 1 or 2 more ATVs This is a copy-paste from my post on reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/playXERA/comments/bu4tld/suggestions_ideas_and_fixes/