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  1. would've been nice if you werent abusing the no recoil bug in almost all of theese kills..
  2. I think snipers should stay as rare as they are right now. You should be really exited finding one or getting one from PVP.
  3. I totally get your point, I just dont agree with the statements you make to justify it.
  4. How is it gear based? Lets say I have an AR 15 and the guy who killed me had one aswell, we had the same gear but he killed me. He was better than me, skillwise.
  5. as you said by yourself, the map is small at the moment. So it shouldnt be a problem for you to gear up at the nearest savezone and than take the heli back to where you died, so you can fight again.
  6. you died while fighting and lost your loot. Accept your loss or try to fight back naked/take the heli. I dont see a problem with that. Noone is forcing you to keep fighting the same people on the same server. you simply lost the fight by dieing in the first place. just move on to a new sever with new equipment.
  7. "There has been more PVP than ever was in Warz" cant agree at all, there always was enough pvp in WarZ/Infestation, basically every full server had people at clearview. I also hate the limited space in the global inventory and 45KG per lvl seems waay to low. As molymanade said, thats only a big backpack full of stuff. You also shouldnt forget that there were a lot of people in ISS / WarZ who loved farming and basically never did PVP.
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