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  1. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing! Came back after being away from my computer for months.
  2. The thread was started in a way of just saying the game is boring and not offering any feedback. This was feedback which is good for the Devs to look at. That was what i was getting at
  3. Personally i think the game should be wiped at least every 2-3 months. This gives people the fun of looting again and getting everything back. After a certain point you get "I killed a group of 4 with honeys oh fun now i have 84." Wiping every few months enables newer users to also get back into the game at the same level as everyone else!
  4. Sometimes its instant. Most times its the same times. For some reason it works like that, ive seen multiple people do this.
  5. Adding more events, which they are, would defs bring the player base back. Its just small right now with events and i agree. But i also think that the game should wipe every 2-3 months. Previously i thought otherwise but thinking about it, it would defs help as people just get stacked super quick
  6. But making threads like this and constantly flaming wont bring anything positive to the game. Include some real feedback and ideas that they could use to change the game so we avoid anything happening to the player base.
  7. Giving access to GI immediately is just not a good idea. You shouldn't be able to continually zerg into fights. If you die and someone gets your gear and runs to safe zone its your fault for dying. People complaining about being able to GI right after death are those who aren't very good at the game which is fine but you cant play a game involving pvp and cry about dying.
  8. Being able to instantly get gear and head back at a nearby respawn is terrible. You would never make gear. People would just keep coming and fighting and eventually you would just lose gear lol. From Despawning or not being able to pick it up. People complaining about pvp are also those who go on a 5 pop and look for pvp there. Head to the full server and pvp there. Thats where we all go and theres tons of pvp.
  9. You do understand that saying "This ruins the player base" does not help the Devs in any which way. Instead of coming on the forums to complain and say the games gonna die, give some actual feedback and help improve the game. The Devs listen to everyone and posting "YOU LOSE HALF YOUR PLAYERS" gives them nothing to work with. Now going on to actual feedback. I do agree with a test server. This would give people a chance to test anything out before it comes to an actual patch and we can give actual feedback. People complained about the recoil being too much last patch. I think the recoil fix was amazing.
  10. Combat timing needs to be improved or a way to prevent it. It happens far to often when people will just take all the gear and leave in a matter of seconds and then go to another server and deposit. There needs to be two different times. Say a minute after pvp and for aggressors its the entire length of your aggressor. Having someone come in and take everything and ALT F4 and instantly leave ruins fights.
  11. The f button is how you do it currently
  12. Resetting every 2 months i would see as driving alot of the community away. Most of the other ideas are good but people like games like these because they wouldnt have to constantly go out and loot. While im not opposed to this, most people who play this dont wanna spend hours looting and then lose everything.
  13. Totally agree with this. I dont want a million people finding it and then pvp just becomes ranged and not fun how it is now
  14. The game is maxed at 4 people in a group. Just ban those who group higher? Also i come from Shattered as well and its not hard to be a solo in these kinds of games lol. If you're really struggling to make ends meet, then maybe try finding someone to play with? Most of the people in game are potatoes anyway. Shields would make it easier for Solos like it did in shattered. You can easily wipe a squad of 4 in here without an issue. (this isnt a shot at anyone. Just offering my ideas)
  15. But allow the option to turn off names above their heads. As it could block pvp. I do agree with members on the map
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