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  1. So I wanted to go by saying, Ive got already over 100 hours. Most spent farming and scouring. This is going to be a longly detailed review of what we got for the game and such. Xera, a Multiplayer game which looks great on paper but when put into this form. Even though its early access it is rough around the edges and there is a lot to cover here which could and do have issues with. Im going to go down the line with detail about gameplay and possible issues or what not. Player an Player(s): Lets put here that, it is incredibly challenging sometimes to play solo given that you could tend to be squishy if you got hit in the head twice or three times and you are gone. For one person to go around and try to engage in pvp you would need to keep spinning and looking around for players to engage with and if people persay are more than 3. You are greatly at a disadvantage with how great damaging AR's are an how big some of the larger med cooldowns are, putting yourself in a open area greatly hinders yourself ontop of you the player being so squishy even with armor on. You can tank damage at a range but when close quarters or medium range you can fade pretty quickly and lose. Weapon(s): AR-15 Being the strongest damaging weapons and being a single fire tap fire weapon with a more control-able recoil you have a decent control over it but putting it like that if you want to fire it fast you have to rely on its firing pattern to fire it faster where as you cant spam click the shit out of it to get that maximum fire rate. UMP/MP5 being powerful even at long range, which they excel at close range still have just as great power for the damage drop off doesn't effect the whole 'sub machinegun' category of weapons. Both of these two guns the ump and mp5 can shred players really quickly if you land your shots due to how fast they fire. SCAR-L/SCAR-H now both of these weapons are fully auto and have a higher rate of kick when it comes to firing along with a lower damage thresh hold to its counter weapon AR15 an with how these two one being more rare than the other are strong as well but fire slightly slower than the ump and mp5. Now onto the pistols. Glock/1911 with these two weapons. 1911 fires slower with only 7 rounds can pack a bit more of a punch than what it shows vs the glock but with the Glock you can rapid fire it as fast as a mp5 or even ump even with minimal recoil from these two handhelds. (Not going to do all the weapons but a jest of the majority used -Being that snipers are rare as shit and AK's being nearly rare as hell as well-) Utility: Drone exceedingly strong as a surveillance and its destructive power it can rip through players hp deal 65 damage and put players on med cooldown, its power is overwhelming when its put into a teams hands because of can two shot someone who isn't using a military first aid kit to recover instantly but there is that chance you can get still get insta'd if they both explode one right after another so closely. I'd say these drones are heavily overpowered in both destructive and its capabilities to scout for other players with how silent it can be an how high it can get with it being hard to see along with how fast it is. C4 Now, you'd think this device would be extremely strong well...You are right but it also is insanely loud and deals nearly 300 damage on explosion(75 damage to friendly). It's good as a defensive utility and trapping if you are in a close quarter area. It is exceedingly heavy and has a 1.5 second delay to explode, though depending on range to send signal to explode. Loot: This is the main issue everyone is gunning right now. In my personal opinon of how things are with loot. NVG Helmets are extremely rare now and I rarely see it drop as a item or spawn, but that being said AR-15's are uncommon and the ammo even more uncommon. I can find 5.56 WAY more than I can any other ammo type in the game next to .45 ACP(Ive gotten 13k 5.56 in storage to prove it vs the near 5k .223 I've collected.) Armors and med's aren't hard to find as they can drop from super robot and spawn in med buildings and military area's. Given that these spots being tightly combed over even on a low pop can be a struggle sometimes. Looting Area's:(I'll cover military area's as everyone wants 'loot' there) Airfield is a pretty barren place that lacks buildings and other various stuff an to that is a hugely insanely open area with minimal cover that can easily get anyone killed. Airfield could be more wider to hold the runways for the large planes that it lacks, but more so there is no buildings beside these 'weather biome' bubble buildings. There is no carts no small trailer or two story building or maintenance or anything to comb over or even take cover. Now onto Nator base, This place is more so decent than airfield as it gives somewhat ample coverage but also has a vantage point to scout for players coming in and only has one access point to where players can go up, beside that. There is a lot of space being used but not nearly enough loot being spawned here. Food/Water: Both of these give a slow healing over time if above 80% but with how little the canned food can restore, you player can literally plow down several cans of ravioli before hes full. In hinde sight, I'm pretty sure I would get sick if I ate more than 1 can of ravioli or soup or whatever. Now onto water, jumping drains water but every 2 jump drains 1 water. The lanky water bottles dirty water restore a small amount of water even compared to the 'fresh' water you can get in the water bottle but if you had a canteen you can restore a large chunk. Thats good given that but the water can weigh a decent amount but either water bottle or canteen can weigh you down pretty hard if filled. If water bottles weigh you down by nearly a 1kg or more and it restores 15water, thats pretty awful same goes for the fresh water bottle but then we look at the canteen and that sucker is nearly as heavy as the water bottles and they restore a big chunk. Airdrops and Fist spots: Both are good as they both give XP And Fist spots give a huge chunk of XP and two airdrops to top it off. I'd like to note. Who airdrops a Pistol for someone to use on the battlefield right there as a supply? Melee: Pretty worthless right now, You can miss robots point blank even if you swing at them and look right at them, and to top it off the swinging is judged by a random factor on where you can swing in two patterns. Head blow pattern or stomach blow pattern. Needs re-adjustment imo. Robots/Super Robot/Kamikazi Robots: These robots are okay but lack any front foot for the game give that their hitbox for melee weapons are just awful and they can explode for nearly 65 damage on top of you. And if you are on a high spot and make noise near a robot they will super jump up to you an give away your position quickly if trying to pvp. Super Robot can run so fast and given that there is but one spot where you can glitch the robot at airfield he is really hard to get away from among his high damage and how fast he can swing at you. Now my overall estimate of the game. Its rough around the edges, drones are way to strong given if they are used by larger amount of teams. There are spots where its like a desolate field with a few tree's and no cover an no bushes or grassy area's to help hide. But with how far away people are sometimes it can be exceedingly difficult to spot a player while trying to shoot at them. Team play in larger groups(Of 3 or 4) are the meta right now. With how little you can tank and moving to cover or trying to get to a safe spot you can die pretty quick. To note as well, Submachines are doing some great damage long range given they are suppose to be submachines which EXCELL at close range not long range. Pistol damage drop off is pretty hard as well. TL;DR - There needs to be changes to help players survive in open area's and drones are way to strong if used in the hands of a large group and can be a huge game changer in terms of pvp. If people droned most of the time, there would be no gun fights it would just be call of duty warfare with drones just blowing people up a lot of the time. Loot can be changed to help, even if its a small chance to get rare stuff on low pops, high pops should be almost 100% chance to get something more than a AR-15 Kit. Also, ump/mp5's range for long range could use a change so they aren't as strong like a AR. I would love to say shields could help the game but there is a way we could meet common ground with people who don't want shields and people who want shields in the game for fighting people who only 3 peek corners and never move or wait for their teammates to flank and change the tide of the battle. It could be a simple matter of Making armors and players health or armor values higher or damage slightly dulled down over all along with HS damage multiplier. Tell me what you think and sorry for the extremely long post but I feel like it should be covered in all area's
  2. Click on the main page for the forums and go down to support where it details billing support as well.
  3. Could be a bug, dont think airdrops disappear though. Never seen one vanish off screen. Could if it exceeds probably 30-60 minutes figuring
  4. R6 Didnt curve down on cheaters hard until their game started to really kick off in popularity and they started to kick racists and cheaters down hard after that point. CS, ALWAYS had a shit awful time because people would just cheat regardless and valve anti cheat was god fucking awful. PUBG ALWAYS had a issue as well, they lazily tackle cheaters. And as for majority of survival games, its always going to be a issue. Why waste time when you can cheat and use the rarest of guns and survive. Putting it like this, Fortnite is casual but still cheaters do come once in a great while. As for the others, they always had a issue. An you do underestimate the whole being held accountable for cheating. China takes it dead serious even now with their social point shit going on there. One main thing they could do is have someone spend time every day, combing through the reports and weeding out 'cheaters' from people who just wildly accuse and people who actually report someone who is blatantly doing something like ESP'ing and Aimbotting.
  5. I dont see aimbot much but Ive noticed more people being more self aware. Hmm But as autoheal you persay, I think people just med macro at that point and macro'ing isnt really a cheat but a macro. Tell me, what other games you play that are popular and are rampant with cheaters and they still can't get a full hold over it? A lot of them, fortnite does a decent job because they threatened a kid who cheated and you rarely see cheating on there after that.
  6. Somewhat true, Shields could make a place without being way overpowered and game breaking if done right. Like I said, there isn't a whole lot of cover in certain places of the map...Which I think they are trying to figure out how to add more content to the map to give it life and more looting spots. If they dont want shields, they could just make Headshot damage 3.5x or 4x and body armor values up to 20-28% and it would even out a bit so you don't die so quickly. We aren't gunning here for extreme realism.
  7. Man, this is game breaking. Can you believe that?
  8. Think there should be a muzzleflash.. Sometimes its hard to see people shooting even at night. Anyone else think same way?
  9. I think its too early just yet to do private server, it'll just divide the population and people will be hard farming spots for Snipers mostly.
  10. lol.. Its hard to always tackle the issue right away. If they got their hands on the cheats themselfs they could code it to detect such but we'll have to wait and see. Also, that fucking attitude about it. You do know, Every time a game comes out thats FPS gets cheats literally within a week or two of its release.
  11. Since I loot a lot of my time. I'll give a quick table to show what was an is current. Before Loot table change AR-15: Common NVG Helmet: Common (Every other helmet): Common MP5: Uncommon UMP: Common Glock: Common Armor: Slightly Uncommon Heavy Armor: Rare - Leaning Uncommon Ammo Types 5.56: Uncommon 7.62: Rare .223: Common .45: Slightly Uncommon 9M: Common After Loot Table Change AR-15: Rare NVG Helmet: Rare (Every other helmet): Uncommon MP5: Common UMP: Common Glock: Common Armor: common Heavy Armor: Rare - Rare Ammo Types 5.56: Very Common 7.62: Rare .223: Rare .45: Very Common 9m: Slightly uncommon MEDS OVERALL were COMMON Give feedback on how you feel.
  12. I played WarZ until its end time an I even played ISS Thailand. This game can get both right where its not dumbed down and still good as a PVP title. Just being stingy about it. SCUM was awful and I regret buying it because ammo and everything was so damn elite hard or made PVP so flakey because of the AT's walking around blasting at you on good loot spots. PVE was a struggle on that and boy it was hard.
  13. Honestly lets put it like this. XERA; SURVIVAL There can be a balance between looting and pvp. I mean god damn. I loot an PVP At the same time even on high pops. Its somewhat enjoyable until you run into a 4 man that is. You guys honestly have no respect for the whole title. You read it and bought it. Expecting it to be PURE PVP and in that term if you wanted PURE pvp then you should've gone with something else. The fact is here you expected something and you wanted it to be more pvp than PVE. This game literally is a PVE/P. You can get snipers from super robots and loot them possibly. Loot isnt insanely hard, you are just being lazy at this point. You want to dumb down the game so its literally just no risk no reward type of play style and thats what this is trying NOT to be. Given that loot is a little jumbled, this is a process and it needs time to fix. I mean god damn. Ive been farming robots and super robots the past few days whilst PVP'ing off an on. Im top 30 for Experience. NVG Helmet doesnt drop hardly at all, AR-15's are Uncommon now. Don't see them too often dropping in low pops, meds still are not that hard to come by if you know which place. Armors are a little stance between uncommon an common. .223 Ammo doesnt spawn that much either compared to .45 ACP Rounds and per say 9mm that is as well but that I guess is to be expected so people have to work a bit for it. BE PATIENT - ITS EARLY ACCESS AND ITS A PROCESS TO FIX AN WORK ON PS. LOOT ISN'T SUPPOSE TO CATER TO YOUR WHIM.
  14. There is way too many open areas and how quick some weapons can burn you down in combat. Its literally a standoff of who goes first an dies or who has the larger team to push. Shields can be done right so they aren't insanely overpowered where someone is carrying like 10 of them or something. Could make them squishy to damage and heavy, could make them short so you have to crouch
  15. Don't do base building, it encourages awful campy play style so people can sit in their base and use snipers.
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