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  1. I mean if you only play the game to loot in low pop servers, you're essentially not helping the game grow here or not here haha. Because you're avoiding players and interaction.
  2. Its a nice idea. But this is an "MMO" type game. Adding a map, people could add in easter egg areas where loot spawns and all that. All the balancing needs to be done by someone in the company directly.
  3. This is something for the future and I doubt they need a reminder about it. A lot of items and sounds are stock place holders still. It will change over time. I'm also guessing English is not your first language and you wanted to say the "Reloading" hurts your ears?
  4. I mean, why not prepare yourself for the long haul? The game needs work, it came out not even a month ago for early access. I will agree the game has a little bit of a staleness to it. But its not because the game is flawed, its because the game is not in a secure seat atm. Things will fall into place in due time, if not, then you won't lose any sleep over it unless you spend so much energy complaining on how its boring.
  5. I understand your problem with small towns. I just think they need incentive to go there. Even redsville is empty now. I was talking about normal sounds for gunfire though about directional audio. Joshuas intentions were to make suppressors op. Thats why they reduce damage by 20%. They are strong, but not worth it that much.
  6. I honestly don't see the big problem with the recoil. Most people are still playing on Third person servers. I don't get this whole solo vs Squad balancing mentality. maybe in FP it would make more sense, but in Third person you will just get flanked and killed. I feel the recoil is the least of your worries. Just needs some minute tweaks and it will be fine. Tracers, I don't think is a band-aid towards suppressors. But it does help with communication given that the sound in the game isn't 100% pinpoint accurate to describe where something is coming from. I think he is going towards a more FPS game which is why Recoil, Fall off damage, and tracers were added. I understand your Loot problem. But that needs to be fixed with events and other incentives rather than just loot. We can't sit here all day complaining about "Increase loot/Descrease Loot". Its such a black and white answer to a more grey area problem.
  7. Verdade. Precisa haver algo que precisa ser mantido. Você não deve ser capaz de manter o ranking para sempre.
  8. Esto parece un poco demasiado profundo y extenso. ¿No te parece?
  9. Looks like they are on the roadmap now.
  10. If you want to put this in the game, For Now. I can see the reason because its early access and there needs to be a supply and demand. However, if this needs to be the case, low pop server shouldn't have the loot nerfed, it should have the loot tables changed. Making ARs and armor rare but you can still find ammo and bandages etc. for example. The higher the population the more common rare loot becomes.
  11. Even when the supply crate has the progress meter being filled by a player, it can still despawn?
  12. HaeL


    1). Well if you click on base building on the roadmap, it will be a different thing. I think it will be a different map for people who want to play a different part of the game. I don't think he is putting it in the actual pvp part of the game we are playing now. 2). This isn't even clarified. This could be maybe 1 item to go back to base or it could be a completely different drone. Or could have it where it can be shot out of the air to take the items out of it. There is no information on this. 3). I like helicopter extraction because it creates a pvp hotspot for people who want to go back to safe settlement (maybe in the middle of redsville). It won't be for everyone and it will most likely not be as frequent as the helicopter in safe settlements. 4). I don't know where you are getting the "more servers" information 5). This is concerning to me a little bit. But I'm not sure what he means exactly. Like, drones can ping? Binocolaurs can ping? I hope its not just a straight ping like old ghost recon or something. Maybe he is thinking of a Rainbow six siege ping. 6). You can't just simply expand to more than 40 people right off the bat my guy. If you watch the second video on the Steam store it actually advertises the game as 40 player servers. I'm pretty sure there was something that went wrong with 40 player servers so he had to turn it to 35 for stability reasons. Then turn it back up to 40 when the stability is fixed. If he wants more people in a server, there will be more people. Chill out. 7). This, I agree with completely. But I think it might for a completely different reason. But I'd lie to hear his reasoning on this.
  13. Well, like I said, I don't mind a lot of loot in low pop servers. But the loot shouldn't be lying around. You just need to put in some kind of work in order to get the loots. Example: More PvE events or harder robots. Although, I like PvP I too, was one of those people that went from lvl 1 to lvl 10 from just PvE at the airport in low pop servers. Even though its a viable strat and a very smart thing to do, I think its very unnatural for the game and goes against the spirit of the game. I wouldn't even mind if they put PvE things around the server that others could do in higher pop servers to get even better loot. But PvE "Looters" have to have some kind of risk just like PvPers do. Thats how the economy works. You lose some you gain some.
  14. Its really hard to tell. I can't tell that any interaction was made with it. I am having a hard time seeing any progress added to the bar. Also, the game might have the box still count down its despawn even when players are interacting with it. It might only react to people completing it so it will open and then despawn after "completion".
  15. Yes I 100% agree to this. The sound isn't the greatest for pinpointing distance and I feel shooting should have a cost of giving away position a little more with muzzle flash. Because if we can have "silencers" why not have flash suppressors too.
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