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  1. This is a fair opinion, I could see some people enjoy the tension of looting in high population servers. It's not my cup of tea, I prefer the tension of a good PvP fight, but I can understand this perspective. The problem I have with that though, is that regardless of how bad you make the loot on low population or private servers, people will eventually have a GI full of stuff. Sure, you could make it so it would take A LOT longer to obtain it, but eventually you get to the same point, a GI full of loot. That doesn't work well for people who can't play hours every day. Those of us who enjoy the PvP action, would be forced into playing how you prefer. If the looting becomes a chore, I'm going to move on to another game (just like everyone did who played Dayz, Scum, and Miscreated). If loot is plentiful though, it doesn't stop you from going on populated servers (there are plenty of them), and looting that way. It isn't hard to find full/almost full servers. When you run into another player, you are at no less of a disadvantage. Sure, they may have a GI full of loot, but they can only bring so much with them. So whether you are facing a player with 20 guns in his GI, or one whos only gun is the one he is carrying, you wouldn't know any different.
  2. Thank you Joshua, I think that is a step in the right direction.
  3. I see people mentioning WarZ on here and suggesting the issue with that game (why it died) was because there was too much loot. I'm sorry, but that couldn't be further from the truth. WarZ had a cheater problem and a corrupt developer, that is why the game died. In fact, if it wasn't for PvP'ing, loot was often very hard to come by (they were constantly screwing with it). They wanted to force people to purchase it in the cash shop. Such a scam that was. It's too bad, because when you were PvP'ing, the game was fun. Especially after they implemented Punkbuster for a short time period. The other 'Survival' games all go by the concept that loot should be hard to find. DayZ, Scum, Miscreated, it is much more difficult to find good loot in these games. That is one of the main reasons why nobody is playing them. It just isn't fun to loot for 3-hours to find a gun and 8 bullets and enough food and water just to survive. If you like that type of style, well, you have DayZ, Scum, Miscreated, and other games that you can play. The fact that you aren't (numbers don't lie), just goes to show that it isn't the direction Xera should go. The reason why Xera was fun right from the start is that it focused on PvP. Looting was still a requirement, but you could get in, loot for 30 minutes and then spend the next few hours PvP'ing with what you looted. It removed the corruption of WarZ, and was the complete opposite of the other 'Survival' games when it came to loot levels. Honestly, I'm not sure why people would be against the higher levels of loot. If you enjoy looting all day, you can still do that. In fact, get a private server (once they are available) and turn the loot down to almost nothing. Then you can loot all day to your hearts are content. The same isn't true for the people who want to PvP. We can't PvP all day if the loot doesn't support that ability. I don't want to run 15 minutes back to the safe zone everytime you kill a player in PvP because the loot is too valuable to lose. It also doesn't matter to me if my GI fills up either. As it fills up, you just make adjustments on what is important to keep and what isn't. You can still loot, but instead of looking for common items, you now try and farm rare items. I will end by saying this. People have been complementing the developer on how good this game is (myself included). That had EVERYTHING to do with how easy it was to loot, and the subsequent PvP experience. Don't ruin that formula. If you make looting harder, then you have to spend more time looting instead of enjoying the game. I have enough tasks to do IRL, I don't want to add another one in the virtual world.
  4. Agreed. Hopefully they will re-think this and tweak the loot back again.
  5. Agreed. Probably the best Alpha Release game I've ever played. I am most impressed by the thought that went into the core gameplay mechanics. It's like you took the best parts of WarZ (without all the scamming and cheating), DayZ (without all the lag), and H1Z1 (which never felt like it got out of Alpha). Not to mention, the game just runs great. Very nice work, I look forward to what is yet to come.
  6. Not quite level 10 so I haven't been able to craft C4 yet. Doesn't sound like it will be necessary if the beeping thing is true. I could see a small flashing light to give perceptive players a chance to see it, but a beeping sound is going too far.
  7. Great solution, this will certainly equate to a lot of server rentals. A unmodified private server that doesn't connect to the global inventory would be almost pointless.
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