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  1. I think the game needs shields or a reason to solo, sorta like losing less rating or something along those lines. The game won't survive without solo players and a lot of solo players are leaving because any high pop server has multiple 4+ man teams. Also I think making solo servers/FPS/duo servers will only divide the game population more.
  2. Hope yall like it. I tried to keep the editing simple, yet entertaining. Sorry if it isn't your type of music, I just picked it because it was fast paced. 747 Pk rating from these clips.
  3. Revert the nerf. The only reason to go on low pops is to farm. Who cares if you fill your gi, you just have to level then and pvp. Don't add privates, because the game already has a low enough population without people hiding away on passworded servers. If you want to farm low pop should be a viable option. No reason the loot should be different in my opinion.
  4. 5th time I've died to stuff like this. It's already bad enough trying to duo high pop servers against 4+ sized groups. Max group limit is 4 but i've seen a 6 man group. My teammate and I both died from the onslaught of drones from a 4 man team that third partied our fight against a different 4 man team. They used 6 or 7 drones total. They are far too easy to get considering I have 30 in my Gi. They need to be used for scouting and that is it.
  5. The ammo is a limiting factor for guns of higher rarity. For example, I've never found a sniper and only found 5 rounds of VSS ammo and ~60 of L96, so even if I have a ton of these rare items that never leave, I cant use them. Same with 7.62, I have two aks that I've found/pvped for and ~900 rounds. Eventually that will run out and the supply isn't enough for me to continue to use those weapons. Weapons don't have to degrade, ammo just needs to remain rare to limit use.
  6. Yea, but at least a stamina bar will regen on its own and won't cause me to lose health. I've had 40 minute long group battles where multiple people run out of water even though we have 8 full canteens at the beginning and we have to run and end it to go find some. It feels very tedious, that is just my opinion though
  7. Food and especially water decreases at such a fast pace that I constantly find myself drinking/eating. I know it's supposed to be a "survival" game and you have to keep your character alive, but c'mon we all know it's a pvp game. It adds absolutely no value to the game and I find myself being a little more irritated everyday I play because of the constant need. If you really don't want people jumping around all the time like WarZ, then add a stamina bar. Please fix the depletion rate, it's driving me and many others insane.
  8. They need to hold off on private servers until the population of the game goes up. The game dies down significantly at night with only 1 maybe 2 servers max pop, putting privates out right now would KILL the population of the main servers. Not worth it imo.
  9. They aren't, the only way is if someone dies and isn't looted and they despawn. It would be cool to have a feature where you could sell your extra guns for game dollars and spend those on higher tier weapons such as snipers at an extreme price.
  10. They should be used for scouting and not used as a pocket tactical nuke. It's not fun having 4 man teams all on drones flying them into you doing 65 dmg each.
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