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  1. Hi, I believe the hostile reminder message should be change because it says "YOU CANNOT ENTER A SAFEZONE" when it should be "YOU SHOULD NOT ENTER A SAFEZONE" thats it, regards
  2. Normally Alt + Enter does that, maybe alt toggle is on and whenever you press Enter it turns into window mode, I believe that's the reason, or it could be an actual bug
  3. Hello XERA staff members, So I was playing in a high pop server and I was sorting my Armors I took my 8 Black Heavy Vests and then replaced it in the GI so I can see it as the first item when I open it, after that I switched to another server and when I checked my global inventory I found only 4 Vests (half of what I had before) please investigate this bug and if you can give me my 4 Vests back I would really appreciate it, thank you for your time and this amazing game <33 Regards.. -Ajx32 My steam ID is Micheal Whelan = https://steamcommunity.com/id/ArabianCommando/
  4. Hello, this is my first XERA video hope you guys like it Have fun
  5. I'm big fan of achievements system, and I love to collect them, and I really love this game but in my opinion some of the achievements are really hard and some of them are almost impossible to get for example Kill Hungry kill 5000 survivors Freedom! Liberate 500 compounds Robot Hunter Kill 10000 Humanoids Vagabond Take 1000 rides in the helicopter I know that some of the achievements should be hard, but achievements should be vary and not just repeatedly doing the same thing over and over. here are some achievements suggestions Loot 5 airdrops Kill a player with a sniper rifle Drive a vehicle Invite a player to your group explore 5 Named locations Fill a water bottle And im sure the community can help with many different ideas for achievements hunters Regards - Ajx32
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