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  1. Hello everyone, well with my 250h played on Xera:Survival i would like to give some ideas / feedback's / Suggestions, i will try to list them for more orderly, but before starting i would like you to keep in mind that i have more than 5000+ hours in this genre of games and played almost every Survival game and what is listed is just a personal and constructive opinion. ATV for two + in a future add motorcycle for one person, also leet us Inventory while we are driving + improve the stability of the driving in every jump it looks like helicopter propeller. Option for leave Helicopter in Safe Zone, it is very annoying to enter the helicopter and no longer be able to leave. ADD 1 super robot in Compound event (Example, kill 35 Robots then spawn 1 super robot). Gasoline / Gasoline Station Suggestion: i would like the gas station if you arrive with the vehicle and you approach the supplier to be able to fill it 100% and the Gasoline is a much more common item where you can find it in any city / compound, to the Gasoline nerf 2 to 1kg Weight and 30% fill to 20%. Suggestion about loot system: I honestly still do not understand why the loot is different depending on the people of the server, it is something completely with out-sense at my point of view, as in any survival game LOOTER* there are 2 types of players, PVP and PVE, the last one cant be forced to PVP for loot, forcing to jump to the high pop servers and fight 1 v 4 usually the PVE players are loners* for 1 G36 and 1 Heavy Vest as a example reward.... if you are going to tell me, look for friends to play, we already started badly. DEV team have to start thinking about another scenario because behind the PVE player there is a lot of benefit in the game and the main and most important is the TRADE MARKET. The trade in the game generates many good things, for example start to see weapons "of collection" at this time as the L96 / VSS / AK on servers PVP, since having more end loot in the GI of all we will start to see this type of weapons in the PVP "i guess that's what they're for" and i want you guys not to misunderstand i do not want a SNIPER FEST like ISS but collectable items is not a good idea either, so my suggestion would be to remove the -Low / High pop loot and make it the same loot for all servers. Trade Interface: Yes i know its already on Road map but for the suggestion mentioned above it is essential to have the trade market implemented Improve City's Loot: Speaking a bit more about the loot, in cities like Redville, Rockdale, Riverdale should add more content to the loot table because there are only 1-2 pistols in the hole city and full food / water nothing else, i understand that they are civil cities i do not intend a spawn of sniper ni ak / honey there but if you have that "chance" to die in pvp go back into a house and suddenly find more often a pistol, an mp5 / ump "and why not an AR-15 as rare spawn" this is North America we can shop guns in super markets! 🤣 joke! Add at least 2-3 Assault Rifles: 1 for 7.62 low grade than ak/scar-h or intermediate + 1/2 .223 weapon, i think the loot table need more content looteable! BUFF Honey Badger: It's supposed to be an elite SMG and RARE loot, honestly nobody wants to use it because of how bad it is before SMG nerf. Add Bullet Fall-off: an Assault Riffle should not snipe people at a long distance, this will to improve ALOOT the PVP mechanics and it's going to give people more life to take cover at this time the pvp is too fast, should have a little more action before dying or winning the fight. Med Suggestion: at this point i am a bit confused, people prefer to use bandages to use faks / MFaks / Antibiotics the truth is that i do not know if it is because they are too hard to farm, but it does not make much sense to have a great variety of med and that only 1 is used alone. should check the weight of these meds seems to me quite excessive. Bags and character Weight: there is something that does not finish closing me with the weight that one can carry, if i have a backpack of 45kg why if i equip a vest, a helmet, a weapon and medicines should i consume the weight of the backpack? character has to be able to hold the weight of a complete outfit and should not affect the weight of the backpack itself. Melee weap vs Robots: There should be a better "tier" of melee weapons now all of them are trash if we talk about fighting against robots, they could implement a better crafeable weapon like baseball with nails, a hard crafeable melee who kill with 1 hit. or better yet improve the hit box, honestly hit the head of a robot with a melee is insane u need watch the sky then hit and with LUCK u kill one TOO WEIRD. First Person / third person Shoot Idea: since as we see that the sights are totally useless since all prefer to shoot in the third person to have better vision of the terrain a good idea would be that when shooting in the third person the weapons have less accuracy than first person. More Attachments: Add Forward Grip improving the recoil just a bit, Laser improving accuracy a bit in third person only, X2-X3 scope, Binoculars" this is not an attachments for weapons but will improve pvp mechanics, Compesator, Excuse me if i have a lot of misspelling, i'm not very good with English. but i hope that everything has been understood.
  2. Right ISS/Warz allways had that option, i play warz since his first day on alpha!
  3. No offense...but maybe u should play Rust, there is alot of PVE players on this type of games, thats mean a good % of playerbase is thanks for those people and not its the only one good thing about pve players, they maintain a good game economy with a good activity outside/inside of the game, in a survivor game is necesary ITS MY OPINION of course, thats why i think the system loot of this game is soo bad in anyways forcing pve players go to full pop players servers to get loot, anyways i dont know why i write ahaha they dont care. cheers!
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