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  1. thats a no brainer, if funds run out and EA does not create enough income its over, dunno if the team is working for air and love but i would certainly not games that make it out of early access are games with a growing playerbase... not games that have 50 players for weeks, it just shows that something is missing and the team thinks its content and campvents instead of actual gameplay...
  2. every game out there that is not enjoyable solo or duo is going to die very fast - there is no exception and instead of growing in early access xera is already dead meat instead of 1000s players enjoying it... and pls whiteknights.. spare the we are in ea crap, you have no clue - a game either grows or dies in ea and xera is nearly dead but i guess they rather work on content like their camp(e)vents instead of fun gameplay gameplay > everything else
  3. there are points missing: a) mechanics against campers - shields or whatever (stuff that can be used and show skill of individuals) b) ttk - current ttk only encourages camping the current problem is that nothing is real fun, especially for solo or duo people -> in warz/iss you could take out teams through skill -> in xera you get slaughtered except you participate in camp/ctrl pvp and that is boring af.... every single montage or video of xera pvp is the same and boring
  4. not all assets are owned, a lot of sounds come from free sources
  5. there is a difference between rare and unusable.... current balance is off, nothing feels rare except snipers and ar15 > all at range and its freaking common... no use for scars
  6. game is dead because of annoying stuff
  7. i can tell you he is not trolling, he claimed there was no gi access in warz/iss and he played those games since 2013...
  8. exactly, xera is a looter shooter -> at least it was in the eyes of hundreds it has good stuff, but the annoying stuff just overweighs the good things... it is not even that hard to get players to like this game and grow.... but just meh... camp crouch pvp cause ttk is over 9000 and no way to protect/play against it... -> boring AF to watch on twitch if somebody respawns and the heli flies away the same second... you can either watch him play a running simulator or go shave your nutsack if he waits for the next randocopter... -> please randocopter whiteknights tell me otherwise - you make the game big
  9. the direction xera is heading atm? get a shovel we have to dig a grave.... seriously xera could have 10k players easily at this moment... why do "smart" decisions from devs always ruin these games... and this one rly has potential keep things people want and add your smart stuff in addition... you think survival should be annoying to play? well then keep going like this...
  10. loot should be the same on every pop looter shooters were always -> low pop farm and high pop pvp.... its stupid like this... well the playerbase speaks for itself...
  11. you say warz/iss never had it and now you say you can't remember... sheesh way to go completely retarded in a discussion
  12. what? iss had gi upon respawn lol
  13. its not the whole game, it just does not work this way, their long ea journey will be over within 6 months if they continue like this since nobody will care about what they do EU primetime and we do not even have 350 people playing... this shows exactly how people feel about the game
  14. no way to come back to fight killed it for us the randocopter is just plain stupid if you want to get back
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