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  1. BlameItOnRNG

    PVP and G.I.

    Being able to access GI outside of safe zones is bad news. You would never run into geared guys, and would destroy this games best quality... constant pvp. Why risk it when you can long in check to see if anyone is there then log out to get gear if it’s safe to do so and bank anytime you get something special. Just keep at it, you will get better and will start to enjoy the challenge !
  2. BlameItOnRNG

    Hack in game!

    Perhaps their render distance didn’t pick up the bush? Ive learned quick to never trust a bush. Just because you see it dosnt mean they do, sorry this happend to you tho.
  3. BlameItOnRNG

    Group players

    Large groups Ruin player experience. I’m a solo / duo player. If I started running into 6-10 man teams frequently it would kill the game for me as it will for 75% of the community.
  4. BlameItOnRNG

    Please nerf the food/water decrease rate.

    I believe the water decreaseing so fast takes the place of a stamina bar. 2 jumps = 1 water decrease so it makes you be a bit more cautious of your habits
  5. BlameItOnRNG

    Building in Xera

    Building is pretty pointless seeing as their is a GI. And the whole point of a base is to stash loot no?
  6. BlameItOnRNG

      private servers

    I know this is a total unliked opinion but I believe private servers take away from the core values of the game. There should be be a risk to going out there and loot. private server just allows people to horde with no repercussions And take into live servers with a upper hand creating a pay to win window. Therefore this will in turn shrink the player base and Diminishing the game in a whole. Like i I said it’s an unpopular opinion but mine none the less :)
  7. BlameItOnRNG

    Hello Gamers!

    So excited to get back into this genre. Am an original WarZ player and played it until its death. Really loving what i see so far with this game and am excited to get to know and meet up with your guys on the game. I stream, every once and a while, well hardly ever to be honest but may pick it back up with this game. Happy hunting gamers !