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  1. I'm assuming you're new around here. Grouping will never stop, people want to play with their friends. Obviously yes, it makes the game a little easier / less risk. But thats something that cannot be fixed. The med system, imo, its fine the way it is. Because you cannot full heal in any sort of fashion yet. only 40% and 60% with 8-12s CD which is high for those percentages, also the TTK (time to kill) is VERY fast. Faster than ISS/NEWZ/SS all these types of arcadey looter shooters. So making longer med cooldowns will simply be stupid, SINCE btw there is a med animation, while those other games did not have one, s oyou actually cannot have a gun fight point blank, heal, then shoot again. you will die doing this 10/10 times. But thats just my opinion
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