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  1. It's not like switching from NA West to NA East. For Oceania players going to Asia means we are playing on 200+ ping on a game where the combat is very skill based. It's really hard to enjoy playing a fast paced intense game on 200+ ping where bullets aren't connecting, bullets are still hitting you when you are behind cover and meds take 1 second to register after you press the key.
  2. Agree with absolutely everything you have said. I thought people were exaggerating when they said the new recoil was bad but after using it today, I honestly can't see myself enjoying PvP like this especially when it's even more challenging to win a fight versus a group when you are solo. The recoil just seems way to much even when I pull my mouse down to try compensate it. I appreciate the effort and quick fix of the recoil bug but this to me just doesn't feel right at all.
  3. I haven't done a lot of purely just looting on low pop servers myself as I prefer to loot whilst PvPing. With the Oceania servers dropping in population recently, my friends and I have had to resort to playing on an Oceania server that is less then 8 people or moving over to an Asian server with 200 ping. The loot on these low-mid populated servers doesn't seem rewarding enough. At the moment with the games current state and the Oceania's population we have to loot on a 8 player or less OCE server for barely any loot or good PvP. Then if we go to Asia, when their servers are filling up at their peak time of the day, then we have to deal with 200 ping if we want to have good PvP and get loot the way we like / use to in Oceania.
  4. It seems to me that you are complaining that a looter shooter isn't a survival game. 1 - Hacking: Cheating is going to be an issue with every game but at the moment, after playing everyday since it released I have not ran into a cheater or seen people complain of one. I don't think this is an issue at the moment. The game is running Easy Anti Cheat like a lot of other games are running so there's nothing more really that the game can do. 2 - Meds: I understand your point and idea about meds but again, this game is a looter shooter. It's meant to be fast paced and revolve around combat and people fighting for their skill rating and the leader boards. If meds have a cool down timer for them to be used then everyone will play way more passive in fights. 3 - Groups: Again, I understand your point and idea but group fights are a huge part of looter shooters, especially a game like Xera where events are involved. I do think that at the moment it is quite hard for a solo to win a fight versus 3 or 4 compared to previous games but this can be improved by having more cover around the maps, specifically around events, or even the implementation of shields. This would allow more strategy to be involved. If it is eventually improved and a solo still doesn't want anything to do with a group then hopefully by then solo / duo servers are implemented. However I personally am not a big fan of that idea unless there is a big player base. The same people who don't want to vs groups would be the same people to complain that the game is boring or they aren't getting enough skill rating. You say you have played a lot of looter shooters but have you not seen all the montages and insane fights that looter shooter games produce when it's a 1 or 2 group versus a group of 3 or 4. Nothing was more satisfying then outplaying a team when by yourself.
  5. https://steamcharts.com/app/625340 If you have a look at Xera's steam charts, you can see that the game peaked on it's third day at 1500+ players and over the last 2 weeks its peak daily players has dropped 2/3's down to 600. Obviously this is expected when a new early access game is released from a new dev team and no big streamers are continuing to play it after release week. Assuming and hoping that the player base now stays around a core of 300 to 500 until the game gets out of early access and releases, I am quite worried that with the looks of adding 4 new types of servers to the game, this could split the community and kill it's current player base. Beginner, max 2 player groups, first person only and private servers are all great ideas to accommodate for many different people and their preferred play styles but with the current player base of the game I don't think it's doable. I think beginner servers could definitely be added at this stage for new comers who just want to PvE and learn the game before getting into PvP but any of the other game modes being added now will just split the community. Maybe the American and European servers are different but I'm from Oceania myself and for the last 2 weeks, only one of the Oceania servers has been almost full during the afternoon / night allowing people to PvP on that server or swotcj to a 10 or less player server to loot and not get bombarded with PvP. However the last 2 nights, Oceania struggled to get a server above 20 players at night time whilst the other servers barely got above 5. With this being said, especially in Oceania and other small regions, I don't know how the game could implement more server types when some regions aren't getting a solid player count on their servers at the moment. I was wondering @Joshua what your plans were to accommodate for the player base dropping off and with smaller regions almost becoming inactive for good PvP. Will you be removing some servers from regions to fill the others up? Will you be only implementing some of the other servers options?
  6. I don't know how leaning could be implemented into a third person game. That would mean people would not only be able to see from behind cover but shoot from behind it without showing much of their body.
  7. @HaeL You make some good points. I definitely agree with you on PUBG and APB not having shields and the games being fine without them but with the combat style and environment of the map in Xera, I don't know how it could be changed to the point where people not in cover could avoid instantly getting melted without shields. I definitely think more cover should be added to the areas around compounds as most fights take place at those at the moment and they are very open areas. Like @aNA has said, at the moment someone by themselves going up against 2+ people have a super hard time even contesting in the fights as there isn't a lot of cover / corners to work around with in the map. This is also because most fights aren't even in cities but around airdrops and compounds. Like @AirborneLawnDart said, I think shields could be implemented well into the game if they aren't super common to retrieve and have a timer for use. This would mean you would you would only bring only a few out with you and have to use them wisely in fights.
  8. TL/DR: Balance AR15's rarity for their power. Slightly changing how night time / night vision works. Hotbar that allows each med to be binded to a specific key. Nearby spawn timer being increased and goes up the more times you die. Adding more / Bigger events that encourages fights in towns and brings more intense battles. Having tiered / Item level loot that adds an addiction level to the game for wanting to get the best loot. Adding shields that allow fights to be adapted. Just want to start off by saying that I have played Shattered Skies for 600+ hours and DayZ for 700+ hours and am really enjoying Xera so far for my first 50 hours. The game has great combat and PvP like SS / WarZ and can be grown into an amazing game with dedicated players. As I would love for this game to thrive, here are some potential ideas and changes I personally as Shattered Skies and survival game fan would like to see in some way at some point implemented into the game. I would love to see what other players think of these ideas / changes as well. Changes / Fixes - AR15's - At the moment I think AR15's are to common for their power. It takes someone 1 run to get an AR15 and enough ammo to compete in fights against rare tiered loot players. Night time / Night vision - Night time doesn't seem to last that long or get dark enough to warrant players needing to have them. During night time I find myself constantly switching between having my NV's on and off depending on where I am and the shadows. I would love to see night time be darker and last a little longer causing people without NV's to play more carefully and allowing NV's to be more useful. Hotbar for meds - I think the game would benefit from a hotbar for medical items rather then just 1 slot where you have to open your inventory and swap out the different med items to use them. At the moment I'm just bringing out a bunch of first aid kits but always find myself in fights where I need to heal more or less then 40. This would mean you can bind a specific key to each med so in fights you can be more specific with what med you want to use depending on the health you have lost. Nearby spawning - At the moment the nearby spawn option allows players to spawn very close by and get back to where they died in a couple of minutes. At the moment around compound events / airdrops there is usually a fight between multiple teams that last quite a bit of time which allows people who have died to easily come back, find a gun such as an AR15 and continue in the fight. This causes fights to be dragged on and on until someone gives up. I think to fix this the nearby spawn timer needs to be increased to a minute and the more you die in a certain amount of time, the more the timer goes up. This would also prevent people from killing their friends over and over again easily to get their skill rating up. Ideas / Things to potentially add - More / Bigger events or activities - At the moment, the compound events are great. There's roughly 30 minutes between them spawning and attracts a good amount of players to them for the rarity of loot you get from them. Same with the airdrops. But I feel as though there are 2 problems with PvP at the moment which can be fixed with events / activities. One being that 90% of my fights are around the airdrops / compounds which aren't usually in towns but instead out in tree / hill cover. It would be great if some rare loot activities were added to towns to bring the PvP there. In SS they did this by having timed crates in all towns around the map as well as roadblocks near by where every hour the roadblock would have rare loot retrievable from it. The other problem with PvP being that all the fights feel the same intensity to me, same consequence / reward for engaging in that fight. I think a big event that happens once in a while with great rare loot that brings almost everyone in the server to fight over it. In SS this was the Reactor where every 3 hours on each server it would enable for people to fight over and retrieve for potentially the best loot in the game. It caused majority of the sever to fight over it and in my opinion was the best thing that has ever been implemented into a survival game. Tiered / Item level loot - The thing that I and many people found ourselves obsessing over most in Shattered Skies was the levels / tiers on the items in the game which caused people always wanting to go out and find the best level / tiered loot. For instance, the AK-47 would come in 5 different tiers, each tier increasing slightly in damage yet becoming more rarer to spawn out in the world. One of the tiers being 'legendary' where they are highest of rarity but the best version of that item in the game. I think Xera would benefit majorly from something similar to this as it adds that obsession / addiction level to the game where you want to keep on looting / doing events to get that 'legendary' gear. The game kind of already does this with the light and heavy armor but not with weapons. Shields - Shields were a very big aspect in SS and WarZ. In my opinion, the shield mechanic it self is great as it allows fights to the normal environment. It allows people being shot in the open to have the option to quickly react and have cover to fight back with. However, in SS and WarZ, the shields were quite easy to get and allowed you to place many of them at once in a single fight, causing long, tedious fights. I think shields would be a great addition to the game if done right. Non Shattered Skies players may read my ideas and say that I just want the game to be Shattered Skies and although yes I absolutely loved Shattered Skies, there were a lot of problems with that game that Xera doesn't have. The 3 ideas that I have listed were amazingly implemented into SS and made the game super fun and obsessive. I have never seen any other survival game have these ideas implemented even close to how SS had them.
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