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  1. Just had a break down from laughing XD so true.....but i guess that the dev want´s it to be a camping shitfest sadly......they call it survival........
  2. While I agree with some things you have mentioned the part where you trashtalk me is funny because you mention how hard it would be with drones......I am not skilled but it seems that i am capable of shooting drones out of the sky and you are not...... And to the part with the big talk, I never said and will never say that I am the best player but in WarZ there were many players capable of wiping a big team.....and the 10000 hours speak for itself.....how long a game can be entertaining. And I never said I know 100% why the game is going donwhill...... But for me and my friends it was not being able to spawn back after getting killed.......And solo this game is pure AIDS......you have to camp 80% of the time.
  3. WarZ had tons more players with huge amount of cheaters and many bugs.......this game has no cheaterproblem(they are there but not really rampant) and not many bugs but can´t manage to get more players online than NewZ.......and that game is considered dead. WarZ and ISS had a good balancing of loot, you would be happy to get custom and kstyle(best armor and helmet in the game) and you would not log after killing 1 or 2 mediumgeared players. And you could find fights everywhere on the map because when you found 1 or 2 it could go on for hours until one side decides to not spawn back. You had teams battle each other for hours...... In this game when we were 4 there was never an intense battle........They had the jump on us or we on them. No spawning back, no intense fight, no real fun(at least for me). Some might enjoy camping and then slaughter the bambis while camping the rest of the loot.........I do not. I enjoyed watching Artemis, Dakotaz, or some PVP-Montages in WarZ and ISS but in this game whenever I see a montage it´s 70% of the time hold down crouchbutton and spray someone in the back. At this point no one will try out the game after watching a Montage of it. Will the game get big and great if they give us shields, or the option to spawn back with gear........I don´t know but i can say I know a at least 5 people that would be back.
  4. Don´t take me serious.....it´s ok for me. I played 10000 hours of war z alone but what do I know. Let the decreasing playerbase speak for itself. Thank you and have a nice day sir. Three of my friends stopped playing after just 3-4 days because of the 10-20min get back in action shit and not being able to get back to a good fight. And two after 3 weeks. And now i did so too. I am 100% sure not everyone quits because of the same reasons but nearly all of my friends wanted intense PVP like WarZ/ISS, not a camping bullshit fest with no counterplay and no way to come back to fight.
  5. Dude in WarZ i wiped Clans up to 10man and not even once but many times.... Of course it´s always harder against more people but in this game if you are solo and the 4man team flanks you far, you have 0 chance. Longer med cooldown with less HP gain and useless 1sek delay to be able to shoot again and no shields......but this would have been ok for me if I would get another chance to fight. But if you miss the heli it can take up to 15-20min to get back to where the fight was and there is no fight anymore..... All my friends have already quit the game because they are not as good as me in this games and they can´t even 1v2 let alone 1v3 or 1v4. And camping never was that big of a deal in WarZ/ISS/SS but in this game with 5x Headshotdamage and Thirdpersonpreaim the kill is 99% safe on one dude. And if you look at the playerbase you can clearly see that i wasn´t the only one thinking that way. If you kill 3 out of 4 there is a big chance if you would come back geared you can kill all 4 but as it is now you lost everything and have no chance to fight because their buddy will camp the loot and you can´t pick your shit and finding gear to fight is like a lottery in this game.
  6. You are who in the toplist??? I played solo 90% of the time and I am in the toplist and my GI is full of G36/Scars and Honeys. I have 50 Heavy Wests.....love bad people telling better people how they are bad at the game. Darricks GI probably the same as mine...... But Gear means nothing if the PVP is no fun. But enjoy your camping shit. Wait a few weeks then you can camp all day for one kill on nearly empty servers.
  7. Only two types of players in this game.......camper and 4man teams. Both kill you if you make one wrong step and you can´t come back with gear to fight them..... I kill 3 of a 4man squad and the last just hiding the whole fight to fuck me up while picking the gear(not shown himself once, not even helping his teammates in fight). All PVP-Montages are boring and all so called plays are boring. Camp or flank as a Team..... No place for solo-players in this game. Waiting until a good lootershooter comes out, not this camping bullshit where you can´t even come back and fight. Btw not so salty rather than sad.......had over 10000 hours in WarZ/ISS - but this game is not what I hoped for. Watch one Dakotaz Montage and then one of Xera. That was good PVP and fun to watch.
  8. Agreed 100%......Fights are also boring....camping ìs winning in this game, no counterplay for that. Meds are only viable for Teams.....Juke, Med and Mates spray. But back to topic, if i could at least come back with nades and an smg....but no camping teams have the ezy win.
  9. It´s hilarious to think that camping a corner and win a fight is kill.......this game will die the same way SS died...... Many people talked about the problem that solo players couldn´t do much and everyone trashtalked them.... game is dead was it worth it? And btw in SS the it was 10x as easy to play solo than this camping aids.....
  10. camping is absolute ridiculus in atm.... even one player is enough to kill you nearly instant in the open.... but when a whole team camps you woulden´t even be able to survive that if meds would have no cooldown.... In my opinion there is nearly never intense pvp..... i had only 2 intense fights in the nearly 80 hours i played the game It´s camp and the enemy player is instakill or get camped and instakill...... no fight and no comming back. The game is trash for solo players, because even with the meds you can´t fight back, so only in a team thats viable. You juke and med and your teammates shoot at the player shooting you, solo you just die.
  11. While I strongly disagree that you would not see geared people if you could access GI after death(was never the case in ISS or New Z, there where always geared people), I would be ok with it as long as it would be possible to at least find somethign to fight like anywhere....... At the moment the so called PVP in this game is that you get killed by campers and you have no chance of fighting back because the time to kill is very low and after you know where they camp you have nothing to fight and 80% of the time you come back from GI they are gone. And it´s not solo players camping..... there are like 70% of all teams just camping, for me at this point I would even love to have shields because there is no counterplay to camping in this game...... you can´t fight back and cant come back.
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