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  1. If you don't know that, perhaps look into why it needed to be changed before posting ragethreads.... Recoil was changed because the old way of determining recoil was based on the amount of FPS you had. That meant that a lot of players would cap their FPS to decrease their recoil (which is in effect cheating) to be able to do insane spraydowns across long ranges. New recoil might need work but he old one was absolutely broken. THAT's why it needed to change.
  2. I just wanted to give a big shoutout to the devs for not giving in to the pressure from TheDuke and his gang, by already giving an opportunity for new/solo players to fight on even terms. Also, resetting their SR because of the exploiting they did is a really cool move. My hopes for the future of this game rose a lot with patch #2.
  3. I hope you fall down from that high horse and break your neck. *kiss*
  4. I've probably spent more time in these games, including Shattered Skies, in both solo AND groups than you. Truth be told, i would probably rip your head of in 9/10 encounter we would have, so how about you giddyonupouttahere with your arrogant attitude and just realise that your exposed for who you truly are Miss Kerrigan. Nothing you are suggesting is benefiting of solo players and the obvious way of realizing that is that you are not a solo player yourself - and you weren't in Shattered Skies either except for a few occasions where you got ripped to pieces so hard that you apparently became afraid of walking the streets alone ever again.
  5. I see a lot of thought on ways to improve this game, but i'm a little sad to see that a lot of the stuff suggested have already been done and tested in other (very) similar titles. So here's a suggestion to try something completely new to the genre: Seasonal Gameplay. What if, Xera was divided into seasons that lasted say... 2 months. During those 2 months, people would play the game (like they are doing now), but with specific goals that could be: - Ranks and rewards (medals, skins, titles, lootboxes or whatever) based on achievements accomplished in that season (skillrating, kills, inventory size, the most "collectible items"). When the season ends everything is reset, inventories are emptied, skill rating is set to 500 and rewards are rewarded. Between seasons is the perfect time to balance gameplay based on experience gained in the last season and patch in new stuff. Seasonal gameplay would, in my opinion, solve a whole range of the issues titles like this have: - Inventories would be reset and loot can be balanced, so that nobody will have those gigantic inventories with all the best weapons in the game (which will inevitably happen at some point). - New players would have an easy entry into the game after a reset. - Players would bring out their good gear because eventually there would be no point in "hoarding". - "Events" could be truly rewarding by dropping aforementioned "collectible items" which would ensure large fights and fun runs back to base to ensure "points" toward the seasonal reward. - Balancing issues could be solved on a "per season"-basis. - Devs would have room and silence to create big patches for (in my example) 2 months at a time. I realize some people will absolutely despise the idea of losing everything they worked for, for 2 months, but lets be honest here: These games are for the rush of the PvP - lets embrace that even more.
  6. For someone who hardly ever play solo, you sure do know a lot about solo gameplay. Or maybe this is just the same song and dance from the same group of people who loves to play these games in large fully geared groups which gives them easy kills... I'll let everyone judge for themselves when they meet you ingame 😉
  7. Do you care to explain what you mean i am confusing?
  8. Absolute nonsense. As of right now there are both FREE and multiple paid fully functioning cheats out there, with polished ESP's, aimbot, autoheal and you name it. Trust me - cheating is already rampant in this game.
  9. For a lot of games having cheats out there is not really a big issue. Who cares about somebody doing crazy shit in BF, COD or even CS. In these type games having cheaters is absolutely fatal for the entire gameplay and cheaters have been the downfall of every single one of these games released earlier. What worries ME a lot, is that there is seemingly very little done to protect this game from cheats, as most (if not all) gunplay/movement is handled pretty much solely by the client and not coordinated with the servers. This makes the game nice to play because of decent FPS and low lag even at high ping, but it makes it almost impossible to create effective anti cheat.
  10. Well, TheDuke, since you've been active in any single one of the games i mentioned and ALWAYS been part of the people who play non-stop in groups, i did not expect anything but you to disagree - you've done literally any forum post wanting to nerf group play in any of those games I disagree completely that my second point is an advantage for groups while i DO agree that it will - to some extend - give an advantage to camping player. The current meds situation gives a HUGE advantage to groups since: A) Groups can bring out their BEST gear (ie. the biggest heals) with very little risk, since their team mates will pick up their stuff. B) Groups can rush a camping players and use those meds WHILE rushing and the camping player will have a very hard time killing even one player since they can heal WHILE they rush. With heals working they way i say, a group will have to stop / coordinate their attack much more and a player caught in the open would be easier for a camping player to kill, meaning that a player having position on a group in the open could now actually kill 1-2 players and then deal with the remaining players on a more even playing field.
  11. So, long time player of WarZ, Infestation, NewZ, Shattered Skies and so on. Been playing this game for a few hours now (+20) and see huge issues that needs fixing: 1. Hacking: Of course this has to be absolutely number one priority and one that i am really scared that this small dev team is not up to par to fix. Multiple hacking sites already have full functioning cheats for out and i've seen the impact on gameplay already. Not only that - just the fact that these cheats are out there and not caught makes community and ingame chat really toxic. Above anything - anti-cheats should be the biggest priority or this game will be dead in a few weeks from now. 2: Meds Ok, so you at least added the cooldown on meds but i still find it really dumb that people are able to jump around full-instant-healing while fighting and dodging bullets. This is a gamebreaking mechanic since this makes is almost impossible for any new or lower geared player to kill 1 or more fully geared players, unless they get right in their face with an autoweapon. I see two solutions to this issue: 1. Force the cooldown BEFORE meds trigger (ie. you have to sit down / stand still for X seconds before a heal triggers) or 2. Double or even quadrople med cooldown.s. 3. Grouping The issue of zerging has been in every single one of these games. While i'm not really against grouping i truly believe that doing a full group (which i often do myself) should come with several disadvantages over a solo player. Those could range from: Longer respawn times (MUCH longer than the lame 5 seconds added right now), being visible on radar to some extent or even nerfs to armor / hp. These games become deadboring for solo players as even great players who can manage 1-2 kills, will eventually die to a group or even multiple groups playing together. Oh... And remove the damn "location arrow" which makes it even easier to group. The LEAST you can expect from a group of players is to communicate their position without an ESP arrow showing their location.
  12. At least 5 hacking sites have full releases for XERA: ESP, Aimbot, lootvisio - you name it. Make it or break it for this game will be whether or not they can actively prevent cheating - or it will die faster than you can spell WarZ.
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