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  1. So then what do you make of the gif? just, i got to it right as it despawned so the interaction made it vanish?
  2. I hit E to interact with it, thats when it vanished, is it possible its despawned but still visual until interaction?
  3. Im not sure how long it was on the map exactly, I was at the event in C4, then saw it on the map and ran to blackmount about 2:30 run time to it. Its possible it despawned but it only did so when i interacted with it.
  4. Thank you for this! Just realized silencers reduce that...
  5. So I was playing last night with some buddies when we came across an air drop that has been on the map for a good amount of time but nothing crazy. I went up to the package and as soon as i interacted with it to open, it disappeared. Not sure if this is a one off glitch/bug so i came here to show what happened. Hopefully this will help Josh fix it? Anyway heres the video of it.
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