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  1. This recoil patch just turned worse then it originally was, you can laser people from anywhere and their literally is no recoil, you are slowly losing your player base. PLEASE FIX IT!!!! Also should be test servers, for when you guys add the recoil patterns, but this recoil as it is of 5/10/19 needs to be changed immediately. It was better off with the way it was 5/9/19
  2. You should be able to see your team mates on the map, it would help so much
  3. I love this game, im personally addicted, havent stopped playing for the last 4 days since I bought it, keep up the good work but I do think that some work could be done, for example: I personally think its a big hassle to have to run all the way to the safe zones especially when you kill one person in Redsville and are full inventory. My suggestion to you guys is that the global inventory is connected to you, I think that the hostile timer should be raised to 10 minutes stopping you from interacting with your Global Inventory. I think that once you are no longer hostile you would be able to access the global inventory anywhere, I do still think that the safe zones should be used as if you are hostile you can just run back to it just to be safe for the time being to stop you from dying with all your loot, I think this menu could be introduced into your TAB inventory. If you do take this into suggestion I personally think the safe zone radius should be shrunk. Another method could be something like a extraction point, something you can do to extract your loot but also not be safe. For example if you are caught extracting loot you can lose it all. Just need something easier to get to for stashing, to run constantly especially after one kill is very annoying. Things to change especially is the fog, its super difficult to see anyone sometimes, the difference of the fog being there and not is dramatic you can actually see without the fog, I think fog should still be here, maybe just have fog during events or rain storms, but 90% of the time it is ridiculous. Just a couple suggestions, have a nice day!
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