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  1. Just crouch close to the right or left of the door and u get stuck on. https://gyazo.com/7ed33915bf94d7f88716b364f524e4be
  2. Yeah i know some ppl got L96 but see u are 32 and u dont have one its crazy
  3. Hello everyone, Lets talk about sniper, We are a lot of old player WarZ, and all of us know how Pvp with sniper is insane, but in Xera with only 2 sniper in game EXTREMLY RARE to find how can we get this fun back ??? I mean i've played 35h now in early acces and i never ever seen any sniper in pvp or looting place,Drop,event. I know its Powerfull and realy strong in pvp if u have one but now its litteraly 0 sniper. I've seen 1 guys lvl 27 who have only one L96 in his safe and dont talk about Vss. So for you its normal to have this LOW drop rate or we need more Sniper ? PS: Try to listen please my english isnt good :P
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