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  1. waakh


    Really ?... i love to loot and save my items, farm and farm... this metod not good for those who like to loot and save lots of items like warz, but ok good luck.
  2. waakh

    Conditionally free?

    free games , free cheaters .. all kids cheating.. Game companies create organizations to destroy the for competitive reasons. if the game is really good and with a good anti-cheat it will be worth any price. its my opinion. You have a example, counter-strike, completely full with cheaters.. they put csgo for free just to make more money with prime accounts.
  3. waakh


    about point 1 and 3, how will wipe work ? at the end of each season will they wipe the loot and skin boxes? 🤨
  4. waakh


    Hey guys, i am back to test the game again, so i have some questions to do. 1º how does seasons work? 2º what is the reward be like at the end of each season ? How it works ? 3º can take any more wipes in the future ? 4º when will the game be officially released ? Its all new for me at the moment. Cumpz, Waakh.
  5. waakh

    Sniper in-game

    +1 agree.
  6. first because its not realistic, a helicopter carrying a server full of players.. Regarding pvp, they might add the option to equip the character idk..
  7. Hello everyone, Im here to share my opinion about the current map so lets split this too points. 1º• We all know that map needed to be more worked and improved. ( With more military bases , citys , camps, hidden locations etc..) 2º• Until December the new map 8x8 can be added. ( The base of ONE city takes +20 hours editing/to be built on studio map. Without counting trees, mountains, rocks, grass, terrain color, interior decorations, a lot of time to build just a one city, right? 3• On an 8x8 map, will have space for more than 30 different cities. They are focused on the development of this map and try to add as soon as possible. 4• The current map is just a trial to have fun, the map will not change any more, until the new map comes. 5 point and last• they will take advantage of the current map for survival/base buildings mode, I think it will work perfectly . Its just my opinion and what I think! 😎
  8. Updated: • Add the option for when you want to hang out of a helicopter in the safezone. (When I enter the heli I cant leave him). • Add the available heli slots. • Add a players limit on heli.
  9. waakh


    Let the tantrums aside, if they change this or that I will cry.. Come on dude, be smart.. And its not a DM = Deathmatch is a LAST SURVIVOR like clan wars on WARZ. there are people in the gaming world who don't know how to innovate and adapt to innovation.
  10. waakh

    Game is already boring

    Never give up 💪
  11. waakh

    Game is already boring

    sad to see the game falling, I hope the game comes back as quickly as possible. I was already addicted to the game but now its no longer funny. I wish a fast return XERA.
  12. waakh


    Hmm i like the idea... its something new to be added on the game. Congratulations for the suggestion dude! on my opinion: Ranked system: • 5 vs 5. • 1 Sniper / 4 assault rifles. The mode itself allow you to choose the equipment obviously with restrictions. • Last survivor the respective team will win. (all members will earn points, these points will be to get rank). • Level required (+18 lvl). Prevent players with cheats and forcing players to play on official servers to level up. • Only available at the weekend. Avoiding separating the community and destroy the PVP that we both enjoy on official servers. Weekend= competitive mode / Week= normal pvp. • Add time on the match to prevent campers on all matches. Obs: So we will have two competitive game modes, reputation mode when you need to kill on official servers or private whatever... and rank mode as stated above.
  13. Hello survivors, Im here to share again one more work, give me your feedback and suggestions for the next work. If you like, visit my portfolio: https://waakh.pb.studio/ Thanks for the support!
  14. big thank you bro, yes i agree with you.
  15. waakh

    Game is already boring

    Are u mad ? I don't said dates 😀 I'll be waiting, there are more important things at the moment.