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  1. Why would they return? They don't want to play DM. They are just waiting for content to be added.
  2. Playerbase is already small, you can't divide it. Be realistic...
  3. If this game turns to team DM or just deathmatch most players will abandon the game including me. The playerbase for this game is survival shooter playerbase and we play it because of this genre and we trust Joshua.
  4. I hope you are kidding right now. I never played NewZ but ISS/WarZ always had that option. I used to pvp at clearview and always spawned back with my items.
  5. It actually had it. You could get your items from your GI when you died and spawn again.
  6. I can't take people like you seriously. Everyone i meet wipes 10 men groups... It's not a good idea to let people insta spawn with guns. And most people agree with this.
  7. One of the most fun thing about this game is collecting weapons and having a big GI. With snipers and some guns being this rare it's not a good idea to wipe it.
  8. I've seen millions of these complaints when i was playing WarZ/Infestation. This is the thing about this genre, there is only a little chance for you to kill a whole squad. Camping is very effective in this game like most of other fps games.
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