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    Early Access Patch #2

    Most people do not communicate with the developers and do not talk about their inconveniences in the game. But there are conclusions and, perhaps, because of some nuances of the game will not get. It is desirable that the game is suitable for everyone. Personally I'll wait until the aiming will be comfortable and when choosing a server will be specified ping. Which is probably too high (kill me quick, I don't have a chance) until I play. Good luck in development!
  2. Veles

    Early Access Patch #2

    Can I assign the right mouse button in the game to aim with a short press? Or give the player a choice of two options: hold the mouse button or a short click? Very uncomfortable to aim, hold the button and this action is stronger pressing the mouse to the table
  3. Veles

    Early Access Patch #2

    Perhaps the translator wasn't working correctly) speaking about the map, I mean the world. At the moment it is 4x4km. Will it be bigger in the future? If so,what will be the scale? And what content do you plan to add to the game in the future? Thanks in advance for your reply)
  4. Veles

    Early Access Patch #2

    Very suspicious game. The price on site $20.Steam sells it for $ 7 in my country) my opinion-the price of the game is too high even on Steam. The map area is very small. Probably won't increase it. It takes a lot of hits on the player to kill. A meager variety of weapons. Sorry for my English)