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  1. 1500 players stoped play, maybe with some of these modes they wanna return, ho knows? idk.
  2. Is an optional mode, if u wanna pvp intense u can play in DM Server, if u don't care about DM mode, just play on the survival server. Is a plus to call attention of ppl come to play the game, ppl can choice play Xera for his DM mode and PvP fast or just play survival mode and his PvE aspects. You don't need stop playing Xera if this have some servers for Deathmatch, just don't play on it. But we need support the cause for call attention of ppl for come.
  3. Just can't remember, I've played a lot of similar games, I'm 31 years old bro, I play since 11.
  4. Joshua said "game dies when devs abandon it, this is not the case" so why u said that? just wait, why hurry?
  5. hahahah only with the fact what u are able to drive a drone in Xera, this game have a more potential than warz hahahahaa u are so funny
  6. and u say this game doesn't have potential? do you prefer warz engine? the crash when ppl tried to drive a buggy, never fixed in 6 years XD the drone here is amazing, the helicopter, the compound event, you can't say this game doesn't have potential =/ ALSO, is in early acces, don't expect much, and be patience... why u hurry?
  7. this game not complete dude, iss yes. just wait, did u see the road map?
  8. they fix the low pop loot a couple days ago, I'm alone right now, and its glorious I'm looting the whole map, so many guns, ammo and medkit :D:D try again bro
  9. devs are working, they don't do any type of marketing, they said they must do it in a short time, meanwhile they need change details and improve the game, ppl gonna try every update, if they like the game, they stay. Just be patience, and play for fun, and be positive in forum and discord, devs need breath.
  10. Nostalgic, these assets are from ISS 😢 seems pretty cool
  11. I'm wondering if some dev can bring to us a list with a preview for all guns skins what are available at the moment in-game, for see what skins I want to buy. I don't know if this preview already exist.
  12. Try to create a city for a good pvp, every building placed correctly and strategy for a good pvp, I really want to see.
  13. The reputation system, its hard to set fine, always ppl gonna be negative because is hard let alive ppl
  14. THINGS TO IMPROVE... - Fill some streets with decoration, seems empty. - Fill houses with furniture. - Make Melees more stronger, actually they are useless, we need melees more stronger for kill Robots more fast and easy when we are pvping in a big city. Or make a perk what increase our melee attack against robots. - Improve directions on ATV, it's too laggy and awful. - Set Respawn Shield to 10 seconds, for eviting KoS (kill on site). - Scale the User Interface in all resolutions, like if I playing in 1024x768, the inventory slots and gear equiped are superimposed. THINGS TO ADD... - Add some type of sound when ppl are walking crouch. - Add some section in Global Inventory for deposit stuff like Drone parts, Silk, Alcohol, and things like that, actually these things are depositing in "ALL" section and its hard to find some things. - Put more rocks around the map for cover, in some area u have trees and its not enought sometimes. - Mini-map would be cool. - Chance to put marks on map. - Hold Right-Click for aim in third person, Toggle Right-Click for put first person. - Smoke & Flash grenade. - Kit when we die and respawn, 1 gun with 60 bullets, 1 small backpack, 3 bandages, NVG and some Melee. For comeback and try to take vengeance, or just for defence against robots. Or just put one command like /kit and cost $5.000 in-game dollars for example. - Add 'Render Distance' option. If I look far far away I can see the big city and my FPS drops, makes potatoes pc happy. THIS IS A BUG?... - When you are driving a drone, you can't see the world chat. - When you are driving a drone, you can't see the arrow what identify your mate, you can confuse him with an enemy. - Can't enter to my Inventory when I'm riding on ATV. - Batteries on Drone is always 100%. - Fuel on ATV is allways 100% - ATV doesn't receive any damage when you collide with rocks & walls. Add Repair NPC.
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