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  1. Me and my friends are also from Arg. We also all come from War Z / ISS I agree with most of what you just posted, just a few more things to add imo. More weapons/ammo and less Food/Drink items. This is very good for pvp and for survival, so more shoot outs for resources. Also what all this games lack is for common sense for looting. I always liked to see food and drinks in supermarkets or houses. Weapons in police stations or military camps. Health in pharmacies or hospitals. This brings some realism to the game. Liking the new helicopter system, gives some battle royalish kinda vibe. Also very nice the idea to fill bottles with rain or rivers/lakes. I agree with not having our LATAM community split between servers. Just one FPS only and that's it. We are enjoying the game so far. Hope more updates to come!