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  1. Love #1 because I agree the GI cap is just stupid especially with no pvp (especially at night when im on like now) its nice to just farm but I dont want to drop all my items like im currently doing. Maybe the traders will fix this but who knows. I dont know if id rather sell an AR for 100 and have to buy it for 250 BUT since I sell everything I have lots of money or just be able to bank it all. #2 is a big one for me...part of the reason the game isnt fun for me is its all forest fighting because thats where events are which is where loot/pvp happens. Running from tree to tree while a team just circles you and can kill you easily is really annoying. #7 I know that will come over time and its in their roadmap but it is annoying right now. Oh another AR, G17, UMP weew and the auto scar and AK feel the same too. There need to be shotguns and other types of automatic ARs. Something to make me want a specific gun and bringing out items for more situations. #10 I also really agree with but it ties to #2 for me...everyone goes to events which are in forests. Why not bring events to towns or something so for 1 im not behind trees all day and 2 I can actually explore more of the map to loot rather than only going to towns because I need some baked beans. #11 I think personally ties with #1 because a lot of the time you fight at the event, kill someone and loot them, wait for the airdrops to come down and while that is happening say you kill them again. Your bags are then full so you leave items, they come back AGAIN and grab something and fight you. If you kill them again you have to micro manage picking up ammo and dropping this to pick up that then splitting meds to pick up more of this...meanwhile they are back again. THIS IS WHY SO MANY PEOPLE LOG. You get in 2-5 fights before you are back at GI. Like I said...I really like all of your ideas and I feel like a lot of people have talked about them but the ones that I pointed out were things that always bug me about this game 😄
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