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  1. How would you like to earn currency? Players should be able to earn currency in multiple different ways, opening crates from completing server events should reward with currency, you should have a chance to get a small bit of currency from each robot killed and you should earn a small amount of currency for player kills. (Make events the most rewarding) What items would you like to see from traders? Basic low tier weapons for noobies. Ammunition types, medical items and some crafting items (not drones). What is your vision for how traders would work? Traders should help new players get a headstart into the game and also let veteran players sell an abundance of what they dont need in return for what they do need, such as selling 9mm ammo in order to purchase 7.62. Obviously sell to buy rate needs to be precise as it wouldnt be correct to sell 1 9mm bullet for 1 7.62 bullet. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? There should be a static trader at each outpost that sells low tier weapons, ammo, meds, then somewhere in the centre redsville, preferably open area like a carpark or somewhere that can't be held too easily, you could have limited time vendors that cycle through a series of higher tier items such as higher tier meds/ammo For me, It's perfect like @Oreo said. It's very important to make things easier for newbies. I don't see new people on this game. They start and quit. And for those who want to PVP, like me, it's nice to have ammos and medicals on sale. I, myself, don't play that much anymore, because my meds are gone and I don't want to farm.
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