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    Currency System Ideas - Voice your opinions!

    Love the idea you already shared with me, think it is perfect for the game and can’t wait to see it working! 🤩
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    Hey Everyone!

    Hi Guys, So at this stage quite a few of you will know or have heard of me. My name is Jason Ross, i live in Northern Ireland and i am a streamer for WorldBestGaming. I have been streaming for quite some time now and always try to keep things positive and friendly for viewers. I regularly donate and raise money for the charity MIND, and my DM’s are always open if you ever need a chat. I am fully committed to Xera as the Developers and Staff have been nothing but supportive and helpful. Their hard work should be rewarded, therefore i will do everything i can to grow the already fantastic community to make this game a success! I look forward to meeting each and every one of you ❤️ Jay Rossi twitch.tv/jay_rossi twitter.com/JasonRoss91