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  1. That is actually total bullshit TOPIC He did invest a lot of money and it looked great at the release, the main problem right now is, that nothing is happing like people don't see anything. Player and viewer base are dead now again.
  2. The engine + assets got stolen and you do not have any kind of rights to use them even if you wanna show something to a DEV team. That's like when someone steals a car and you use it but only to show that type of car to your family. I mean I don't care what you do with your life, it was just my thought shared to everyone in the forums. Giving the DEV team ideas about map parts would help if you actually use their engine which is UE4 here otherwise you also can make a screenshot of a place in real life and say, it should look like this. In case you wanna hear feedback to what you actually show there, then I would rate a 2/10 because of the effort. Terrain painting is very bad, details are not really existing and you technically just placed some houses and fences next to it. And as soon you look closer, then you also see, that they are just prefabs placed down on terrain and painted some asphalt quickly. If you wanna make something to show, then you also have to ad ambients like fog, lighting, decals etc. Most of the parts which you placed are prefabs from the original owners. EDIT: Germany is my lovely country
  3. I mean yeah he started to make the game alone but the game had everything to get big. A high amount of viewer, good reputation and also a good amount of player base for early access. But I also have to say, making something alone in Unreal Engine is not that hard since UE made everything easy with blueprints and assets shops. But what I wanted to say, he had the chance to hire 2-3 more people which can help him, I don't know if he did but fixing the main problems won't take months to do. When I checked the threads and reviews on steam then I literally see that this game is not a Survival game. Also, most comments in the forums are about hardcore PVP. I don't know how other people think but when I see a Survival game then I think about Miscreated or DayZ. No Global Inventory and when you die, you lose everything. Xera technically has nothing to do with Survival in my eyes, but that is just my personal opinions.
  4. You do realize that having the studio of the eclipse engine is illegal and also sharing screenshots of it could bring you big problems? Also allowing to share this kind of copyrighted content is illegal *wink to the forums owner.
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