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  1. biggerr

    Suggestions and Feedbacks

    I want to suggest a new type of event: spawning the column. Column of mass robots. And this column has its own way on the map, randomly. Players, who shoot all robots, will take crates or airdrops. Also, how is it to add new NPC-mobs, which will shoot players?
  2. Yeah, in Xera it's very hard to PVP being solo against squads. True.
  3. voted for new event, also wanna see a bit new content
  4. biggerr

    Group players

    I think, 4 players is more than enough in group. This system is in PUBG too. And doesnt matter, which size of map.
  5. biggerr

    L9 Sniper

    There are some video's at youtube with it
  6. biggerr

    Sniper in-game

    Who has sniper rifles, answer, does ballistic work well at them?
  7. biggerr

    Let's talk about Supply Drops!

    So, if the population of server higher ( 5 + players), I have better chances to get from air drop sniper rifles, AK47, M16, right? Does it still work? Because yesterday I got from airdrop M16, I was alone on the server ^^
  8. biggerr

    Hello Everyone

    Hello, Bravodog. We are glad here to see you! You are welcome! Hope meet you in game!
  9. biggerr

    Patch Notes - Hotfix 3.1

    Niiiice!!! Going to launch the game! Thanks for news!
  10. biggerr


    Last days many players bought Xera, I see many newcomers. That is very good.
  11. biggerr

    Early Access Patch #3

    This patch is very great! Thanks for the job, dear development! Continue make good work process in game!
  12. biggerr

    Sniper in-game

    Yeah, sniper rifles must be rare. Its best way
  13. biggerr


    I think adding workshop is bad idea (my opinion). And its enough this map for now, need just content
  14. biggerr


    How soon are you going to add stamina scale? And what about prone opportunity? I wanna see reputation system in game, yes, also may be fractions, like it was in Shattered Skies. Also, have such idea, how is it about to add different classes of weapons, like usual/enforced/legendary etc, with different colours of icon these weapons? And every weapon will have unique stats, recoil and dmg, which depends from this class.
  15. biggerr

    Patch Notes - Hotfix 2.3

    Nice hotfix! Thanks for the information and for your job, dear dev's! How soon will be a new patch with some new content and events?