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  1. Massive shake will happen to trigger this event (that's how players in server will get notified that the event has spawned). After this shake has happened, Redsville City will turn red. Waves of 35 bots( 5 waves in total) After all these bots have been defeated maybe a building or a closed floor like civ bunker opens and the boss will spawn it will take a good lot of bullets and good teamwork to defeat it. The loot on this will be like when you kill a player in pvp the loot will shoot from his body. Maybe this event can be the first to drop a special helmet, body armour that can be applied to current armour for a special look but not a skin that is marketable. ( Will be doing a lot more for this. Like making some artwork and if i ever have the chance maybe design some ideas for the special helmet or armour cosmetic. 5 warning symbols will spawn notifying people where the waves will be but not all at the same time after each one is done will pop up showing you the next one. After all the waves have been completed icon on the map somewhere in redsville will spawn. - Total of 3 locations that it can randomly spawn from
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