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  1. How would you like to earn currency? Players should be able to earn currency in multiple different ways, opening crates from completing server events should reward with currency, you should have a chance to get a small bit of currency from each robot killed and you should earn a small amount of currency for player kills. (Make events the most rewarding) ^^^ But also add player kills to this list, and in vice versa you take a very small % of the player's currency on the kill. What items would you like to see from traders? This is where things get dicey. Now your PvPer's are going to say Meds and Ammo. Now in counter to that the Farmer's will say you just ruined trading for us, and they will say traders should sell Keys, Gasoline, and Other essentials to boosting one's GI. Personally, I would like to see Keys being sold, Ammo conversion but make it very very steep. Like recycling ammo for ammo, but at a very hard cost. To promote trading but also generate a recycling system. Meds should be a very touchy area in terms of buying from a vendor, maybe a high tier contested vendor with a limited amount able to purchase daily. What is your vision for how traders would work? A system to recycle items to purchase items needed but at a High price. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? Easy question. Never should a Vendor be located in Safe zone. It should be a rush of adrenaline and a risk every time you go to a vendor to buy shit n transport back to your GI. Some will say but CAMPERS! It will generate more PvP n promote the game as a heavy PvP survival. If there is going to be a Vendor in a Safe Zone it should be the most generic ass simple vendor for recycling things too. Now as far as the High Tier Vendor goes with a shifting inventory. Put your random campsites scattered all through the map to work. Have him move around hourly to random military blockaids, to the camp sites. maybe jump him/her to Reds. N 100% should have a 40% static inventory 60% shifting inventory for example 556/223/Bandages/medkits/keys ((( NO FAKS))))) those need to be earned via events, and then a shifting inventory of random things Guns/Armor/Crafting etc. N for God sakes make the shifting things a limited purchasable cooldown per person via daily or weekly etc. Be delicate though you dont want to mass murder the farming community while doing this.
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