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  1. That sounds very promising! Glad to hear:) I will keep updating bugs, pains, quality of life and suggestions here. I have a new list: QoL - Make the first nade you pick up auto-place in to slot 4 (like the first meds automatically goes to Q) - Let us manage the inventory and change placements (move around so us with OCD can relax:) ) - Make so that when we jump off the ATV the player faces the way he was looking when jumping (today its random where you face) - Mark which square you are in on the map (for example C4, let it say C4 next to the SR or something like that) - UI when looting items on the ground should be vertical instead of horizontal (that way we can scope through the loot faster to choose the best loot we need) Suggestions - Killfeed (either for everyone or for the group your in) - Let the killer see the name of the player that was killed - Stash/Locker for loot when your out on the map (stash/locker should be raidable with guns/c4) - Name the servers (instead of having numbers and region names) - All roofs should be accessible from the ground, make it so that most either have stairs to climb or create a "parkour road" so that its hard to get up there but you still can - New players have a hard time finding somone to play with, veterans only play for SR and dont want to play with newcomers (unless they know them prior to them trying the game), therefore you should put the Xera discord on the loading screen so they have a place to meet - FOV regulation, let us zoom out just a little (or closer for those who want that) - Create a Login que so that you can put your self in a que if a server is full (instead of trying everytime logs out) - Hitting somone should always make you hostile - even if the other player is hostile and not you - when you are super close to people people (like for example next to a wall) the gun doesnt shoot. This feels clunky and very buggy, this feature should be removed or changed Bugs - Drones have a hard time flying through windows - even big windows like the ones at PD in Rockdale - In some houses you cant deploy the drone, its too high above the player so it crashes and falls to the ground (we should be able to deploy the drone in houses with low ceiling) - Running sometimes slows down for some reason, even when autorunning the player sometimes runs in slowmotion
  2. Hey everyone, This is my first post on this forum and I have to warn you - its going to be a long one! 😜 Xera is a fantastic game with tons of potential. It runs super smooth and pvp is hella fun! Since this post is going to be super long, im not going to do an in-depth intro about my self here, I just want to say that after spending around 250 hours since EA release the game has really sucked me into it and I believe if handled correctly - this game is bound reach high places in the survival genre. For those of you who know who I am, you know that: 1: I am a super fan of open world sandbox games with base building and 2: I love skins, the free and open skin market - and I believe that skins are a pivotal part of a games success. However, this post will not touch these aspects of the game, I will do separate posts about them. Last I want to say that these are my opinions and suggestions - and I dont know if all of it has any place in the future of Xera but - im looking forward to the response from other community members, both positive and criticism. Table of contents/topic bulks: - The Map - New items, AI and blueprints - Event suggestions - Gameplay, bug-tracker, pains and other game-breaking issues - Vendor/Trader system Since the post is pretty long, I havent taken the time to go through grammar and spelling controls. English is not my native language (i'm from Norway) so if there is anything you don't understand you can just ask me. You can DM or reach me here: Discord: xMickey#8493 Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mickey Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/xmickey/ (leave a comment if you want to add me so I can find your friend request) The Map City loot cycle should be re-done to attract players to these areas Players should get higher XP for killing City-Robots to attract people, 20-25 XP per kill Block safe-zone shooting or make player become hostile after 3 shots are fired (3 shots so that you can miss click two times without becoming hostile..) or make player hostile if bullet hits another player Move safe-zones further out in the corners to create a larger distance between safe-zone and events/POIs (Castle Rock to A1 and Golden Eagle to G7) Today you can actually snipe from Golden Eagle safe-zone to the Helicopter Crash event in G5 without becoming hostile which is completely ridiculous Because of Castle Rocks close proximity to Helicopter Crash event in A3, Civilian Bunker event at Rockdale and C4 compound event – most of the games PvP is focused around the safezone area, this is probably the most urgent issue on todays map Moving Castle Rock to A1 would solve most of the tension around B2 PVP and some of the safe-zone camping Add a new “respawn” feature so players can choose which quadrant they want to spawn in (spawn location in the chosen quadrant is completely random) If a player dies, player can not choose to respawn in that same quadrant or the quadrants that are +1 next to the quadrant they die in (this way players can choose which angle they want to try re-entering battles/re-collecting lost loot) This feature creates for a more dynamic and tactical play and removes a lot of the RNG with random spawns For example, if Player 1 is at Riverton and a new Civilian bunker event was just opened by others, Player 1 tells Player 2 that he has an extra set of gear that Player 2 could use, Player 2 could respawn and spawn a random place in C6 – get gear from Player 1 and they are off to the Civilian Bunker event to contest it The feature is a substitute to the “spawn nearby” option There is no way for players to get to events quick if they are on the opposite side of the map when events spawn If the player doesn’t have a lot of important loot, the player can choose to respawn and spawn in the quadrant of the event (or a nearby roadblock to hopefully get a lucky gun to contest the event) Most of the veterans knows approximately when the heli crash event starts so they wait in safe-zones (even taking the helicopter from north to south and the other way) to get there instantly which is a huge problem for newer players Expand the map and make it larger Add “creepy-music” feature when entering cities Make the city feel abandoned and scary Make fences and road signs destructible with both guns and cars (atv for now) Respawn time on these should be 20-30 min Remove/change the way Crash Barriers is set up Crash barriers are often in the way and feels clunky – both when jumping over it or when you hit it with the atv New items, ai and blueprints Blueprint: Upgrade Drone to “Extraction Drone” The drone can take 1 item (or an amount of KG) and extract it from the battle to your G.I This way “logging” and the constant urge to “depo” after you find a gun or items you really want to save is combated The drone should cost a lot and be hard to create Gas Grenade to combat camping in houses, cabins and apartments Smoke Granade to better be able to enter/leave safe-zones, combat situations and other tactical strategies Hunting Rifle, does less damage then the L96 but is better to use in large open areas then assault weapons Rarity should be like AK-47 Uses same bullets as L96 Damage 35% Bow and arrow Since a very large size of the map is open landscape and wild-life without possibility to find weapons – it would be beneficial to be able to craft a bow and a few arrows for protection This could be nice and funny for new players For pvpers that tries to help friends when spawning back in action after death bow and arrow might be useful in some situations Damage 10% Rarity should be very low Blueprint level should be 1 so new players instantly can get into action and protect them selves from both AI and other players Make small bushes/trees loot able to pick up sticks and make it possible to shred clothing that you wear to craft it Katana melee weapon, 30%-40% damage One-hits robots for the kill Robots often cause a lot of RNG situations when entering cities and there are no easy quiet way to kill them without alerting the whole city of your location – the robot RNG issue is why many players doesn’t want to enter cities Spiked Bat is todays substitute for this issue but falls short when there are 2-3+ robots chasing you Rarity like Scar-L (maybe even H since it’s a powerful melee weapon) Weapon attachments Magazine extender Thermal scope Recoil reducer Rapid fire (even for AR to make it automatic/burst?) New Robot types “Alerter” The robot starts broadcasting a high noise to alert nearby robots (and possibly spawn in new ones) when it spots a player This shouldn’t be too crazy since the robots already are some-what of a threat Maybe it spawns in smaller robots instead? The “Alerter” needs to be killed asap before or when it sees you “Crawler – K-9 Robot” A dog looking robot that runs faster than the average robots Wildlife There are already a lot of animal sounds in the game, it would be cool to actually meet some of the animals Add wolf/coyote Add cougar/coyote/bobcat (one of them) Add bear Add deer/elk/moose (one of them) Add alligators in lakes (can be used to discourage water glitching) Add eagle All animals can be killed and farmed for food and other blueprint recipes Skin can for example be used to create armors Add new item: lighter Add new item: bonfire/campfire Make it possible to also light up already existing campfires on the map BINOCULARS We need binoculars as a default item for all players And if not default – this item should be easy to get because its going to be an important item to everyone’s “main-kit” like armors and helmets Gameplay, bug-tracker, pains and other game breaking issues Server jumping There should be a long cool-down if you choose to leave a sever with loot to save it Today, server jumping encourages players to log off with their loot after a battle is won An “extraction drone” is a good answer to players that wants to safely get their new AK’s or other winnings of a battle There should not be a static vendor on the map where players can depo loot to G.I because this will easily be camped View which server you currently are on It would be nice if we could have a spot in our “tab” next to SR that shows which server we are on Whisper function It would be cool to be able to whisper other players without writing in the global chat For example when you want to ask someone that you don’t know to well if he/she wants to play with you Right click on their name in the player list and press “whisper” Group system When group-leader leaves the team/game, the next player on the list should automatically become the new group-leader instead of the group completely disbanding Loot distribution I have previously mentioned that city loot needs to be buffed (this HAS to be done) Make cities become main location for the best loot and not military/airport Except the events off course Buff all POI’s except compounds/military/events OR take away some of the reasons everyone goes to military and place it somewhere else (for example small locked boxes and model x robot, there is no reason model x shouldn’t be in redsville instead of military) Team-Kill Right now the community is so small that team killing isn’t really an issue, but when we in the future have a few 1000 players playing, and SR actually could give you rewards for example – team killing might become a problem. Therefore I suggest that you don’t get Skill Rating when you kill a team member. Receiving SR after team killing should not be a thing. Glitches/bugs Hiding in water needs to be dealt with Grenades needs a re-work, they are clunky and the gravity of them seems way off. On top of that you cant actually throw them sometimes – even though you have it equipped Tower glitching (in compounds) ATV often lags a lot and drives slower when this happens Fences Some fences can be shot through, while others can’t Can the developers either choose to let it be shoot through or not at all, instead of it being random For new players this feels like one of two options – bad coding or sloppy design Veterans can and already have memorized many of the gaps and spots ATV Today its super clunky and a real pain to drive It needs a rework so the atv can be handled easier Reaction time when pressing “drive” Swinging/turning ATV gets stuck too easily on everything you are close to When a player leaves it somewhere (not sure if this is everywhere on the map or only in safe zones) the ATV should have a decay timer on it If left alone for 60 minutes, the ATV should de-spawn and go back to its original spawn location Make it possible to see inventory when driving on ATV Create a specific amount of KG space on the ATV to transfer extra loot from events and fights We need to be able to jump off it while driving Let the speed reflect the damage players take while jumping off in speed Safe Zone Camping In my opinion this is one of the biggest and first issues that needs to be dealt with See my map suggestions for ways to combat and discourage this issue Weapon classification Make it possible to choose SMGs as secondary weapon instead of pistols Classification Main weapon focuses on mid-long range and is one of these guns: AR, M16, Snipers, Scars and AK Secondary weapon focuses on close-mid range and is one of these guns: Pistols, SMGs (HB, G36, MP5 and UMP) or Shotguns Melee, Bow and drones Grenades Event suggestions – and making the map feel more alive Drone Swarm #1 A few “mother drones” are extracting heavy weaponry from a location in the city and are heading out of the map (or to the safezone?). Due to the heavy weaponry weight the mother-drones has to fly 10 meters above ground and are thus being escorted by a swarm (20?) of self-exploding drones for protection. Difficulty level: Very hard Reward: Scar-H or above Drone Swarm #2 An incoming transmission telling soldiers: Attention all soldiers, a drone-swarm is roaming the map (or sounds of robot transmissions over the radio). 35 drones are flying around the map searching for human lives to take. Taking cover in cities, cabins or woods are essential to defeat the flying threat. Difficulty level: Very Hard Reward: Bunker key? Sniper ammo (vss and 308) heavy weapon ammo Xera Story event Taking place in the upcoming Xera Corp facility – soldiers has to fight 4 Model X robots and various of other robots/drones (new robots?) guarding information regarding the overtaking of the world. This is a series of 10 story events where you start on episode 1 and advance to episode 2 after completing episode 1 successfully. Story events are individually counted so you can do the event with friends even though they are on a different episode. If its your first story event – you unlock episode 1, whilst your friend is on episode 6 and is unlocking episode 6. Difficulty: Hard Reward: High amount of XP, higher for every episode you complete (1000 XP on episode 1, 2000 XP on episode 2 and so on up to 10.000 XP for episode 10). Reward: Cinematic story (1-5 minutes per episode) for every episode that can be viewed in the main menu section. Hunters event Ref. my suggestion about wildlife In this event, soldiers are told that there is a pack (or more) of “a wild animal” running around on the map at the moment. And Grace (safezone girl) is in dire needs of food supplies (or other reasons) for the safezone AIs (or military for that matter). The person that kills most of the wild animals are rewarded with the highest price after all animals are hunted down. There should be about 50 wild animals spread across the whole map and most of them are found in woods or around lakes etc. Reward: #1 Hunter gets a Hunting rifle (Ref my suggesiont about the new Hunting Rifle) The radio announces the winner, and the winner can go to Grace (or a new AI) to collect their earnings when they get back to safe zone. Vendor / Trader system A few words Traders and vendors are a direct threat to farmers, therefore it is important that to be delicate on the way you choose to implement rare loot and other sought after items A good way to reward farmers is to make the best items super expensive, this way the biggest farmers has a better chance to always be able to afford the best items The thought behind this statement is that farmers farm a lot, which means they sell a lot of loot to the traders – therefore they automatically have more currency to spend compared to a pvp-only player If you enable stealing currency by killing others – farmers will get farmed and the whole balance between farming and pvp becomes unstable. If you kill somone – you can earn a small amount of currency, but the person that is killed should not lose his currency Consider cooldown on the most valuable items but at the same time “don’t kill optimism” of acquiring the best loot when someone has found the best items How would you like to earn currency? Every item that can be found should have a price so it can be sold to traders – even crowbars, axes and other stuff that normally aren’t used Finishing events, picking up crates and killing others should also give you currency You should get an amount of currency whenever you level up I’m not sure that killing people should be the main source for earning currency, for me and my vision – the main focus should be to make all items have its place in the game I am also not sure if loosing currency by getting killed is very rewarding for newbies, currency shouldn’t be taken from a player – we already have SR for that What items would you like to see from traders? I would like to see both easy small loot that can be bought, but also a few rare things such as high tier ammo (mainly vss, 308 and 7.62), high tier ammo has to be limited/rare and cost a bit depending on the item What is your vision for how traders would work? For me, traders would work as a place to empty (making space in my GI) my inventory when I need space, so that I wouldn’t have to drop low/semi valuable items on the ground making it worth nothing. This way, every single item has a value and you would always pick up a full backpack while your out looting instead of only picking up specific items. One of the “late-game” issues when you have full inventories with 1500kg+ G.I space is that almost every loot you find in the world isn’t worth picking up. You only search for high tier items for your self or other semi tier items to sell/trade with other players. A trader system is a perfect way to tackle this issue and make everything valuable. Just to be clear, low tier items such as crowbars for example should give you a very small amount of currency – off course. On the opposite side of the old player base – the trader system should help new players acquiring low tier weapons to get started. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? In all honesty – both traders and inventory should and has to be randomized. Traders should spawn at random locations all over the map and so should the loot they have too. Make traders spawn anywhere on the map and mark it on the map Don’t let players know if its high-tier trader or low-tier trader Cycle the loot so that players must go up to the trader to find out what he has to offer Consider having some super super rare items at a super low % chance to spawn at a high cost so that veterans feel inclined to approach the trader too (L-96, VSS, AK-47) There should also be a static trader in the safe-zone that only sells super low-tier items so that new players can buy small guns and ammo We should also be able to sell all unwanted loot to the static trader in the safe-zone The static trader should not be able to sell super rare items as described earlier on the randomized trader
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