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  1. and that will not make low pc players happy. God bless! I QUIT!
  2. My fps is 30 and then when im in the city with no grass i will increase of 50+ but when im in a mountain i will go down to 15-20
  3. But i think if it has a settings that will turn off the grass i think i pc will be okay.
  4. My fps is around 20-30 but i think if i can turn of the grass it will goes up.
  5. HERE IT IS. I'm so grateful this game has a friendly and understanding devs ❤️ Thanks!
  6. This is my pc. A potato pc, and i have a one small suggestion. Can you please have settings the will not display the grass? Because it my case it will drain the fps, i mean not all players is rich and have a amazing pc. But some players who has a low specs, and i loved the game. This game brings me back to the memories of aftermath game. And i wanna play this. Please. Good day.