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  1. You're seeing everything the wrong way. So I will just lay it out and hopefully I won't get banned for it. Rust is better. It's just like this game except you can build and craft. What does this game offer that Rust doesn't? What about PubG? PubG Just has a shrinking area. This game is like every other looter shooter and that is what you want. Bland. no color or uniqueness. Even when they roll out the "SEASONS' and "CURRENCY" it wouldn't bring back a lot of players. Not unless it's packaged with a 90% off. Players who devote a lot of hours to a certain game deserve to be rewarded. But I never said that in the first place. I said Leveling. People can camp and farm a few spots and level up pretty quickly. I think I am level 7 and only spent a few hours playing, but there is nothing to keep me playing because it's bland and boring that's why there is only 1 person playing it and at most 12 per day. Enough about that though, what would be your greatest breakthrough to get people to come back and play?
  2. I don't think you are fully understanding what I am saying. CS;GO is a competitive game with real life money involved. Xera isn't. Same with dota and everything else. You put a ton of money into something and make it a 1 v 1 and people will spend years practicing to win. Xera isn't that. That is why I am suggesting a talents system in place instead of a crafting system. I also think you mean I want them to put in skills like division. No. I want talents so I can customize my character to either run faster or hit harder. It would bring a new dynamic to the game. Is this guy a speedy boy or bullet sponge. And I know what you are thinking, well everyone is going to pick bullet sponge. Not if they include bleeding and lacerations like rust. You get shot 5 times and your bleeding for -25hp every 2 seconds. You gonna have to heal at some point, and with my speedy boy I'll be right there waiting for that moment.
  3. How do you get better at a game without investing time into it? I work, people work, I can't invest a lot of time into a game. I would like to level up and gain a perk so when I get rolled up on by a squad I won't immediately die. Or have the ability to customize my character to favor melee instead of guns so I can run up on someone, spook them, and smash their helmets in. Escape from tarkov does that but I am not spending 2 weeks leveling strength because I work. Now they could make some servers with Talents and Talentless so both sides of this argument wins.
  4. Your statements are somewhat true and I guess I am taking examples from Escape from Tarkov. Borderlands, Warframe, Risk of rain 2 mostly. These are all looter shooters. And yeah in EFT I have fought people way above my level where they they are extremely geared, I either die the most glorious death in 0.05 seconds or live long enough to escape. As for the statement of losing to worse players, those players built their character that way cause they suck and need to improve, the new person and build a way to counter it. It's all about adapting and overcoming obstacles. But if it's just going to be another looter shooter what is keeping me playing? Escape from tarkov has everything except a good connection.
  5. I see a lot of people suggesting huge fixes and stuff like that without taking into consideration that the people who made this game is a small group. This isn't Escape from Tarkov where they pop out a new gun and model in an hour. Unfortunately, the player base is dropping everyday. Last I checked it was 40 people on. Doing some small fixes and changes brings back new life, and maybe not charging so much. (Personal opinion) Leveling is slow and boring. You have a crafting system that revolves around this leveling system and it's not impressive. Ditch the to make a drone you need to be level 7. Make it so people can craft anything and everything from whatever level. If I find this stuff, I want to make it. What should happen is when you level you get a skill point. Implement the 4 skills. Strength, Stamina, Agility, and Endurance. Strength: Each point gives you X amount of health and X amount of carry capacity Stamina: Remove the ability to sprint forever. Stamina now increases how long you can run and and food/water increases stamina recharge. Agility: Increases how fast you can run and melee attack speed increase. Endurance: Implement the ability to bleed or lacerate. No broken bones. Endurance lets you take less damage and a less chance of bleeding. (if you can't implement bleeding then go with recoil control and more exp gains) TL:DR Add skill points and skills to give players something that isn't just another looter shooter.
  6. Has anyone every played Next Day: Survival? They had the same thing and it failed. So if you are planning on a reputation bases system you need to see where does it fit in? How does it benefit the player? ND:S Made it so people with good reputation go to the civilian camp and sold things for a much higher price and bought things cheaper. While the traitors would have the high class gear and weapons but everything was kinda expensive. How will you juggle this? Personally I would say No because one side will always outshine the other. If you truly are dead set on a reputation sided game then you need to make it so people can switch with ease. Like paying a large amount of in game cash or finding a VERY COMMON ITEM to give to someone to switch sides.
  7. I don't think a currency system should be overly complicated. It should be short simple and to the point. Players are scavengers but players won't always find the stuff they want to pvp with, also most people hoard their best loot knowing it would be extremely difficult to get more like it. How would you like to earn currency? Selling, In-game purchases, PvP, Quests, Looting, and finding it on the ground. Literally anything should give you currency. Players can bank the cash they get like depositing their items. Unless they die then they lose it. What items would you like to see from traders? Everything except High Tier Items. Make A Black Market Dealer that can appear like your supply drops. High risk high rewards. What is your vision for how traders would work? Basic currency. You mess with that simple formula everything else breaks. Where would traders be located? Campsites, Safezones, and inside the major Points of Interest. So people can grab a gun and PvP What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? No. Most people have jobs. Not everyone can play a game 24/7 to try and get in touch with a rare limited time event. Sorry I'm late to this I was working 2 jobs.
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