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  1. I still wanted to know your opinion on these issues
  2. I agree with you, well, nothing prevents the reader from buying a game. And in a game where no one plays selling for $ 10, this is not serious. It is better to hire administrators who will monitor the players in the game itself. Or highlight enthusiasts to sort out contentious issues
  3. Hello developers and the inhabitants of the forum. My question is why the game costs $ 10. You need to be realistic, and look from the other side. The game is far from growing in popularity and asking for $ 10 per game? Not that I would be sorry for this money, the fact is that there are a bunch of other projects, Free projects. Much easier to make season 1 paid and not a game. From the suggestions: 1)Switch the game to free mode and sell seasonal events 2)It is possible to add a construction site or more events with robots + bosses 3)In general, do not follow the money, but work with the community and players.
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