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  1. Hello and thanks! Very well, as I imagined and guessed. Now I have to try the bunker operation and understand. for the rest, point out that: EFT, did not allow me to play, (continuous and annoying disconnections and blocks, even if, with a developer support that every day, tried to solve with me, but we did not succeed) With XERA I have no problems, fast uploads, stable fluids and so far I have not found any problems. good See you soon and thank you very much
  2. Good morning, I have some questions because I can't find anything about it (and sorry if I missed it). yesterday I tried the free game, and then I bought it and also gave it to my other friends. Some questions: We start the game, but then I don't understand if I have to reach some areas to finish, for example in the bunkers they ask for the keys. Is there a game description? For example explanations where to save, where to sell, what happens if you get rid of them, and the sensitive areas on the map? In short, an explanation of the game from when you enter and from where you exit. For example in EFT, one entered and had to reach the exit, are there particular tasks here, or do you enter and head for an exit? Yes but where? Thanks and be patient, I'm new, I like the game and I'm advertising it too and you're the only forum! Great! Google translator sorry
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