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  1. Bug Type (Mechanic/Map/Graphical/Other): Mechanic Describe the issue as best you can: I have a holographic sight and a silencer equipped on my AR-15, and everything works perfectly, but when I leave the server and log in again, the silencer and sight remain fitted to the weapon, but they do not work, the silencer does not appear. on the weapon and does not mute the sound, and the sight does not appear on the weapon, even if equipped, Only after I unequip these two items and equip them back to the weapon do they work again. Location bug happened: everywhere Screenshot / Video of the issue:
  2. Bug Type: Text format in portuguese menu Describe the issue as best you can: The letter that should occupy the invisible space '' ç '' (only has keyboards with Brazilian Portuguese format) is invisible in the menu, perhaps because it is a different letter is not being recognized. Location bug happened: Main menu Screenshot / Video of the issue:
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