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  1. I couldn't get much better stuff in the PVE, like L96 and VSS, and it was too painful to have no player servers
  2. PVE mode materials are still online people materials multiplier increase?
  3. To be honest, I'm about to give up waiting. I know your team is very small, and with the recent epidemic, it can't work normally. But I think I've been waiting for a long time. I just hope you can make something more amazing in the future
  4. Dear administrator: When you read this letter, the number of people playing this game has been zero. Since I started playing this game, I thought it would be a good game and a good start. But in 2019, it was disrupted by plug-ins. The first is the number of people online. From 1752 people online in May 2019 to no player online in July 2020, I think this is not just the reason for cheaters I bought the game at the beginning of the test. This game let me find the feeling of playing afterpath. I think this game is very good,however, with fewer and fewer players, it becomes very boring. I am a player who loves PVP, but no player fights with me. Every day, online server switching is only for finding the few players left. If you really want to make this game well, please promote it and make the big map you promised. Players don't want to wait for HUD update. HUD is more delicate but in the game How can we meet the needs of players,I hope you can update the big map and interesting ways to play as soon as possible. The current Xera needs players, players and players to play. I really like this game, and I really don't want no one to play this game.
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