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  1. I forgot to mention the bug if jumping out of an airplane with a red dot attached to gun, it will register as you not having a scope. To fix you'd have to detach and attach again.
  2. Good evening, I'm new to the game. I just started playing today and have had an absolute blast. I am incredibly surprised that many people have not done their due diligence in updating their reviews for this game on Steam. At first, I was a bit turned off to the game due to mixed reviews, but I see $5 price tag and I give it a go. My experience was not how people may feel in Rust or Ark where if you're new you always need clan before you get strolled up on. But however much I like the game, it has its botches. Gameplay Movement | Touch up the surfboard spam jumping. I shouldn't be able to glide through the air whichever way I am facing. It also shouldn't be something that can just be spammed as much as it does to "sneak" up on people. By that, I mean I was able to fend off a 2v1 today with running out of bullets by downing one and significantly injuring the other. Then proceeding to abusing the spam jump's effect to cancel footsteps to rush my healing enemy while he was behind a tree and punch him with my electric mitts. Gunplay | I don't know if you are doing this so people don't laser others from across the map, but the bouncing reticle needs to go. I don't care if you increase the recoil to make that happen, but I am tired of spam tapping being the only effective way to shoot from a long to medium range because I can't tell that I'm lined up correctly while spraying. The last, but atrocious element is the aiming. For whatever reason, your hipfire and aim reticle don't match. It's also feels as if the reticle is being pulled rather than feeling like raw input. Weapons | First off, I think weapon stats in all areas like handling, damage, firing rate are not a huge thing to implement. Airplane | When people get in plane, allow people to click on paths with map showing instead of the current Fkey system. Also, allow people to mess with items in plane. They're not driving, so let them act as such. Item Collection | Tap F when picking up items off the ground. I shouldn't have to hold F to pick up every item I find, while it's instant in Tab. Makes little sense. Also does not help when you, per say, die to boss Xera and he sits on your loot while you try to run over it and pick it up and you cannot select what you want. Quests | I don't know how exactly you'll get it done, but some of these quests need some tuning up. The towers are too easy while the radiation is harder because of radiation and you spend so much time with little to no reward. Settlement | Allow some of the structures to be used i.e. the campfire. Inventory | Dragging items to character should automatically apply it. If I drag a scope to the gun it should equip it. It leaves room for error in fights with limited time and you end up dropping your red dot while trying to equip it. Settings Keybinds | Allow people to bind whatever key they want for the quickslots. Effects | For whatever reason, effects significantly lower performance. P.S. Add a US East FPP server.
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