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  1. How would you like to earn currency? Events (should always be #1 and reward the most), trading junk to npc traders, Killings players (see below), Killing bots, Missions. Killing players - Add some risk when playing. Have 20% of the funds on a players person drop as a lootable item if they die. But, once that player is in the SZ their money should go to their global inventory instantly. What items would you like to see from traders? Meds: Gauze only Ammo: 9mm and 45 acp only Weapons: Glocks and 1911's only Misc: Axe, Pickaxe, Small Backpack, Water bottles, and crackers Cosmetics: There should be between 5-10 Skins of all types. These can be from previous events, prior seasons, and even some unique sets. These can cycle every hour or so. What is your vision for how traders would work? They should be there for selling your junk, arming yourself early game, getting some basic gathering equipment, basic food, basic meds, and to making yourself look good while playing. Where would traders be located? What are your thoughts on limited time traders that have a shifting inventory? Shifting Inventory is a bad idea take it away !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There should be 2 traders locations. 1 - The Settlement Traders. These are in the SZ's and have the items I list above. 2 - Wandering Trader - Spawns at random locations in the map. creates a small sz around them. Creates a higher concentration of robots in the immediate area. Sells 1-3 random higher tier items in addition to the items sold by the settlement traders. Lasts about 1 hour goes away for 5-10 minutes then respawns. Is an event Icon on the map.
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